Slot Machine Volatility: What Is It?

When talking about online casinos, it’s nearly impossible not to mention slot machines, too. Slots are undoubtedly a classic casino game—and one of the most popular ones out there—so it’s no surprise that it was able to make its way to the online world as well, opening its doors to even more players and possibilities. … Read more

AI & The Future of Consulting: Will Data Scientists Become Consultants?

It is necessary that AI is some kind of magical computerized personality, a wide range of algorithms, and machine learning tools, to identify patterns and optimize or predict trends. Systems can recognize speech, analyze photographs, and use pattern matching techniques to determine mood, honesty, and even personality traits. In a matter of seconds, analysts of … Read more

What Are Crypto Casinos?

It probably sounds a bit like science fiction, this crypto this-and-that but what if I tell you that the crypto casinos you can visit, actually turn out to be like the exact “normal” online casinos that you are used to seeing. The roulette games, card tables, baccarat, slot machines, and even sports betting games accept … Read more

The 4 Most Dangerous Islands

Papua New Guinea We all know the image of screaming, blood-red burned humans being cooked on a cauldron with a huge open fire underneath. Surrounded by local tribesmen with outfits that don’t leave anything to the imagination. The sound of synchronically pounding sticks on the hot earthy ground to call the gods. Meanwhile humming a … Read more

Popular Video Games With Flirting

Flirting in video games is not something unusual or surprising today. Any good video game should have at least a hint to the flirting vibe. Besides, if you choose one of the best adult computer games, you will find that all of them have well-developed flirting options, even in online games. Flirting means something more … Read more

What is responsive design?

Responsiveness is the ability of a site to “adapt” to various technical conditions (namely, to the screen size of a user’s device). Responsive layout is a way of creating web pages in which they automatically adjust to the size and orientation of the device screen, and their design varies depending on the user’s actions. The … Read more