The 10 Best Large Tablets of 2015

Mobile computing is very big these days. The ability to do work and carry on communications while on the go is almost a requirement to every job or career. For people faced with this need, here are the best tablets of 2015 with screens large enough to do what you can do on a laptop or a desktop computer.

10. Acer Iconia Tab

Ranking Reason: Value for Money

Acer Iconia

The Acer Icon Tab is one of the most affordable and easily available large tablets of 2015. This Android tablet costs under $250 and comes with several pre-loaded apps to get you on the go with minimal configuration requirements. It has some decent storage space too, not to mention a handy micro HDMI port.

9. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Reason for Ranking: Good Looking and Lightweight

Sony Xperia Z2

For tablet users who tend to put a big weight on aesthetics, this is the best choice for them. The Z2 is unbelievably light for a 10-inch tablet, not to mention having a crisp screen under favorable conditions. It comes with good over-all performance and an expandable storage feature. Its price tag may come rather expensive, but understand that this is Sony’s best product to match the iPad.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Reason for Ranking: Vast Features

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

This large tablet may not be the closest you can get for a workstation replacement, but it’s a good buy nonetheless. It comes with a fairly high price tag too, somewhat similar to that of an iPad, but try not to get discouraged. It can benefit serious tablet users as it has several work and communication-related features that most busy individuals can appreciate.

7. Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Reason for Ranking: Midrange Price for Excellent Design

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

You can rank this tablet to be neither cheap nor expensive. It is equipped with adequate hardware features that will allow you to breeze through your normal, day-to-day technology needs. Its strongest point probably, is its long battery life.

6. Google Nexus 9

Reason for Ranking: Built for Surfing

Google Nexus 9

Google will clearly not allow itself to be left behind when it comes to tablets or any technological advancement for that matter. With the entry of the Nexus 9, which came in as an upgrade of the Nexus 7, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy your favorite parts of the internet easily and efficiently.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Reason for Ranking: Laptop-like Functionality

Microsoft Surface Pro3

For those who need authentic Microsoft computing for their devices, this large tablet is the answer to their woes. It’s the mobile PC that you’ve always wanted to own – light, functional, and elegant. Though it may not have all the features that your Windows laptop has, this one provides the closest possible experience.

4. iPad Air 1

Reason for Ranking: The Original King

Ipad Air 1

Gone were the days that the Apple iPad Air 1 has reigned supreme. Because of the newer, larger tablets that were released, this model has to succumb to be second best. And in this case, the fourth bet. But that doesn’t mean it can no longer get the job done. As a matter of fact, it can still do. And it even works better than most of the newer brands released.

3. Google Nexus 10

Reason for Ranking: Great Balance Between Price and High-End Features


If you’re a big Google fan, you are sure to prefer this latest Nexus release over than any other large tablets appearing in this list. The Google Nexus 10 has fantastic screen, a decent camera, and all the software that you may need to assure easy and seamless on-the-go computing. If you don’t want to get an iPad, this is the next best replacement for you, considering its price and performance.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Reason for Ranking: Complete Package

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

This thin, light, and functional tablet comes with a crisp display and great battery life. Whatever you may need a tablet for, high are the chances that this one will be able to deliver it to you. Plus, it’s got a large, 10.5-inch screen that makes it stand out from all the rest. So if a large screen is your number requirement in getting a tablet, then you’re getting the best deal with this one.

1. Apple iPad Air 2

Reason for Ranking: Super Fast Computing

iPad Air 2

If you value speed, functionality, durability, and a more stable platform, then try the Apple iPad Air 2. It’s the best replacement to the iPad Air 1, of course. So if you’re simply upgrading from that, this is what you should get. If you’re a new user, you’ll love the way the processor on this tablet works. And it comes with cool features like Touch ID fingerprint, an impressive camera, and a range of cool tweaks that makes it more superior than the iPad Air 1. No wonder this still holds the gold standard when it comes to tablets.