10 Longest Wars in History

Conflicts do happen all the time. While some are resolved right away, there are several that take centuries to amend. Below is a list of the longest wars in history. A good number of them involved bloodshed and a lot of lives lost. But there was also one where no shot was fired.

10. Peloponnesian War

Length: 27 years

Peloponnesian War This ancient Greek conflict was fought by the Athens against the Peloponneasian League of the Spartans. Because of the length of the war, historians divided it into three phases. The war was fought from 431 to 404 BC. The war was caused by the increasing military strength and power of the Athens, which alarmed the Spartans greatly.

9. Thirty Years War

Length: 30 Years

Thirty Years War Fought over the length of 30 years, this war is a battle between the Catholics and Protestants. Before the Protestants came to be, all leagues are under the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire. But a dispute over power and politics caused the conflict to ensue. The conflict dragged on for three decades, resulting in the birth of new Europe.

8. Aceh War

Length: 31 years

Aceh War This war started during the latter part of the 19th century in Dutch Indonesia. The conflict broke out in 1873 after the Dutch rulers declared war over Sumatra, which was then called Aceh. The cause of the conflict was the rumor that the Acehs were in talks with the US.

7. War of the Roses

Length: 32 years

War of the Roses This civil war that occurred in Northern England started in 1487. The actual war was between the House of York and the House of Lancaster, who were fighting for the throne of England. The conflict was called as such because of the red or white rose that each party used as an emblem.

6. Guatemala Civil War

Length: 36 years

Guatemala Civil War The civil war in Guatemala lasted 36 years because of many unresolved issues that surrounded the conflict. Its root cause, however, was land use and general rights. The conflict pursued between the descendants of the Spanish conquerors and the Mayans, which are the native South American people.

5. Punic Wars

Length: 43 years

Punic Wars The 43-year estimate that this conflict lasted for was actually a modest calculation. Some historians believe that it effectively lasted for over 2 millennia, if the date of the treaty was considered. The war between Rome and Carthage broke out in 264 BC, yet the treaty was only signed in 1985. The only reason why the Punic war was believed to have ended in 146 BC instead of 1985 is the fact that Carthage was burned to the ground, signaling their defeat.

4. The Greco-Persian War

Length: 52 years

Greco-Persian War The battle of Persia and Greece lasted more than half a millennium. This is a classic war of power and empire propagation. The Persians are trying to take over the mainland of Greece but the natives manage to repel them away. In retaliation, the Greeks were doing the same to the Persians. The conflict dragged on for 52 years without either one winning the battle.

3. Hundred Years War

Length: 116 years

Hundred Years War Another less than unique name for a war, this conflict lasted more than a hundred years, 116 years to be exact. The war started in 1337 and it was generally between the English and the French. The 100-year war can be divided into three phases: the Edwardian War between 1337 to 1369 where the English won; the Caroline War, which happened between 1369 to 1389 is won by the French; and Lancastrian War that occurred from 1415 to 1453, also in favor of the French.

2. Three Hundred Thirty Five Years War

Length: 335 years

Scilly War This lengthy conflict is the second English civil war fought between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. It ran from 1651 all the way to 1986. The war was between the Isles of Scilly and the Netherlands. Although long, this war is actually a bloodless one. War was officially declared between the two parties, but there was not a single shot fired.

1. Arauco War

Length: 345 years

Arauco War Beating the Three Hundred Thirty Five Years War by 10 years, the Arauco War was fought between the Mapuche people and colonial Spaniards. The battles were concentrated on Araucania in Chile. The war started in 1598 and went on until 1883. The war ended with a victory for the natives.