The 10 Most Risky Countries in the World

Risks are everywhere, but more so in certain countries of the world where conflicts are common. These are the places where you are taking higher risk to live in, do business at, or travel into. These countries may look okay from one standpoint, but you’ll gambling your own interest should you decide to go in and look around. The 10 most risky countries in the world are:


10. Iraq

Safety Index: 50.76


There’s really nothing much to say about Iraq that the world doesn’t already know. The intense ethnic conflict in this country is somehow uncontainable, thus making it one of the most risky countries to end up at. The occupation of Iraq by the United States played a major role in these conflicts, as the locals were forced to create private armies to protect themselves. The number of insurgents and everyday petty criminals is steadily increasing as well. The common issues encountered here have a lot to do with explosive devices, suicide bombers, mines, car bombs, gunmen, and formed projectiles, among others.

9. Russia

Safety Index: 47.71


The years of the Cold War have not fully thawed yet. Life in Russia may seem normal right now, but there are still many crimes plaguing the nation and it including fraud, murders, human trafficking, money laundering, corruption, black marketeering, drug trafficking, and terrorism. Russia has a huge population and follows lot of traditional religions. That may be another reason why a conflict is easy to erupt in this country.

8. Mexico

Safety Index: 47.20


Mexico is such a beautiful place for fun and travel. But if you have to visit here, do so with utmost care. Mexico is considered as a risky country because of its huge problem with drug traffickers. The police force of Mexico is often bribed, paid off, or employed by the drug lords themselves. As a result, many criminals are left unpunished. It is very important that you understand the magnitude of the risks you’ll face in this country before you start planning.

7. Colombia

Safety Index: 43.27


Another country in South America, Colombia is considered a very risky city because of the nation’s rising instances of illegal activities. There are big issues of corruption, kidnapping, and drug mafia in this country and the political ties with the government of the criminals could be what nurtures them. There is also a big gap between the rich and the poor, which is another reason it is rather risky to be in this country.

6. Pakistan

Safety Index: 39.40


Pakistan has always been a risky nation in East Asia. The safety and peace of the nation are oftentimes disrupted by local tribes and warlords that constantly fight for supremacy. Foreigners are advised against travelling to this country for whatever reason. Suicide bombings and armed attacks are slowly becoming common in this country, especially in the city of Peshawar.

5. Brazil

Safety Index: 30.35


Brazil is one of the most prominent countries in Latin America, but it is also one of the most risky. Little has been written about the violence that plagues the country, but they become evident once you set foot on Brazilian soil. The rising number of murders noted in Brazil’s major cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Maceio is too high to ignore. Starting business in this country requires major risk analysis.

4. Honduras

Safety Index: 30.15


Honduras is yet another beautiful destination for fun, leisure, and travel. But it is also a risky place to visit because of its rising crime rate and alarming health problems like malaria. You definitely don’t want to catch any disease while vacationing. That wouldn’t just ruin all the fun for you; you’ll also be stuck in a local hospital somewhere too. The health risks involved when traveling, here are really what you should watch out for.

3. Afghanistan

Safety Index: 22.92


Minus the armed conflicts and the wars, Afghanistan is such a striking and fabulous country. For the longest time, Afghanistan is struggling with both international and local unrest. After the Russian invasion came the Taliban interference. These insurgent activities added up to the already high risks associated with this country. Afghanistan is clearly one of the most unsafe places in the world to do just about anything. It would require a lot of time before anyone could appreciate the country’s attractions like the Kunduz and Wakhan Corridor. If you’re willing to wait, that’s fine. Otherwise, go somewhere else to do business.

2. Maldives

Safety Index: 21.98


This exotic country is such a beautiful place to spend a relaxing vacation at. However, it is a risky place to be considering the military conflict and attack brewing in certain parts. The least you want to happen while on vacation is to be trapped somewhere the good guys are fighting off the bad guys. The most recent attack that happened in the country had ruined an ancient heritage site in Timbuktu. That’s one less attraction for tourists like you.

1. Venezuela

Safety Index: 17.45


For the longest time, Venezuela is regarded as a drug trafficking haven, more particularly the city capital of Caracas. Furthermore, the instances of petty crimes and robbery are slowly getting more common on its streets. Because of the prevalence of such illegal activities, the police find it very difficult to address the situation. If you travel to Venezuela and you lost your bag, chances are nil that you’ll ever recover it. If you want to travel here for any reason, you have to understand all of these risky things.

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