Agenda Trade Show NYC July 2010

Agenda has been one of the major names in contemporary street wear fashion trade shows for several years. Until this year, the show had only taken place at California venues. This July, Agenda added a New York City stop. The show took place in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, near the West Side Highway. There were plenty of industry giants representing at the show, and SoJones was able to check in on a few of them.

Skull Candy:

The Park City Utah based, Skull Candy had an impressive display. Some of the new items on display were the NBA logo’d headphones and their new Mp3 player belt buckle.

Zoo York:

Zoo York had a great selection of fall styles on display. The details on some of the wovens were especially cool.

Zoo York also has a full arsenal of light weight outer wear for this fall.

Only NY:

The guys from Only New York were displaying all of their fall and holiday designs. One ultra-cool new item that stuck out was the Schwinn style Only-logo hat, below:


FRENDS is what you get, when you put a bunch of X-Games Snowboard athletes into a room and tell them to come up with a cool product. Frends, new name on the scene, boasts a complete line of performance headphones, that look as cool as the sound. As the name suggests, the creators of this brand are indeed friends, who have been competing on the slopes together for years. Some of the partners include: Keir Dillon, Mason Aguirre, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Jack Mitrani and Luke Mitrani. According to Keir Dillon, Frends is also already working on a line of apparel.

Make sure to browse the gallery below for a more complete look of the 2010 Agenda NYC:

Photography: Jacob Breinholt

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