New styles from Angel Eyewear for Fall 2010

Angel Eyewear, has added several new models to their line up for Fall 2010. The new fall additions include the “Mod” (above) and the “Katt” (below).

All of the styles in Angel’s lineup are designed compliment a woman’s face without breaking the bank. Even the polarized models start well under $100.00. Angel describes itself as:

Designed with fashion first and made entirely to compliment the lifestyle of the independent girl who wants to make a statement. Angel Eyewear is the essential sexy face finalé. Based in the active lifestyles of female fashion, Angel Eyewear draw’s its influences from life itself.

Angel forwarded a couple of samples for us to field test. Upon examination, it is very evident that the glasses are made with quality materials. The frames have the finished quality that one would expect from a high end designer. The lenses are also crafted with superior quality. According to Angel, all models are “100% UVA and UVB protection and scratch resistant coating.” We didn’t do any scratch testing, but we can take them at their word, on that one.

The most important part of field testing the Angels, was the style test. Both the Mod and the Katt passed with flying colors. Both of these models are versatile enough to be worn stylishly at the beach or at a patio dinner party. Make sure to check out the additional color ways, in the gallery below. To view the rest of the Styles offered by Angel, including their additional models that are new this fall, visit the Angel Eyewear website.

Photos of model, by: Jacob Breinholt

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