RE:form School Art Exhibit In NYC

Courtyard Mural by WK Interact

RE:form School is an art exhibit that was on display over the second weekend of October at the St. Patrick’s School In SoHo. This exhibit was organized as a way to support and promote reform in American schools. The show was organized by a group called REDU (standing for rethinking, reforming and rebuilding US education) , which states:

We believe every child should be allowed the opportunity to shine and thrive. They should feel safe, challenged and excited to learn. They should be encouraged to bring creativity, imagination and innovation into our future. Throughout history artists have lent their creative expression to issues of culture & politics. They combine innovation with art’s greatest strength — the ability to transcend boundaries and make an impact, while not relying solely on language. We would like to invite you to join together with many of today’s top contemporary artists, hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and grass roots organizers to send a loud message that the time has come to fix our ailing public school system.

The show was a culmination of an art contest that allowed students to submit their work, and be judged by the likes of Russell Simmons, Shepard Fairey among others.

In addition to the student art that was on display (and for sale), several big name contemporary artists contributed works.

Piece donated by contemporary artist "Swoon"

SoJones was able to attend the exhibit’s closing party on Monday night, and documented several of the pieces that were on display. ?uestlove, of The Roots was set to perform at the event, but things eventually gave way to a fluke hail and rain storm. Luckily, the majority of the work was on display indoors, and the outdoor pieces were moved in before the weather got too crazy.

Be sure to browse the additional images in the gallery below for a virtual tour of the exhibit.

Photography: Jacob Breinholt

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