Mac A Zoe Potentially Free in 2012

From prison, one of Zoe Pound’s gang leaders and Zoe Pound Entertainment rapper Mac A Zoe, told that despite serving a life sentence for attempted murder, he may be freed in 2012.

“Right now everything is looking beautiful, it’s in the courts right now, in god’s hands” Mac A Zoe told “Everything is in favor of me, it’s just the matter of a day, the way I see it. They just dragging it out right now knowing they’re going to have to turn me loose. They’re trying to get every day out of me. Hopefully by 2012 I should be out, on the other side of these bars.”

Although he is currently behind bars indefinitely, Mac A Zoe still keeps a watch on the Miami hip-hop scene which is also his hometown. After a controversial article published in the Miami New Times accused big-name Miami resident hip-hop artists like Lil Wayne, Sean “Diddy” Combs and DJ Khaled of not giving back to local communities, Mac A Zoe agreed: “I have to agree with Luke [article’s writer], not trying to knock nobody, but why not help the community, why not give back?” Mac A Zoe asked “That’s what’s wrong with a lot of brothers. Greed is always going to be their downfall.”

“Everyone is trying to get richer then the next man, you might have this ni**a watching this ni**a pockets. ‘Oh this ni**a got $500 million, if I got to f**k over my artists to get to where this ni**a at that’s what I’m going to do,” Mac A Zoe continued. “That’s the biggest problem in this rap game. That’s why a lot of artists getting f**ked over and I don’t like that … you don’t put no dress on a man and pimp a ni**a.”

Mac A Zoe is allegedly one of the gang leaders of the Haitian Zoe Pound Gang, “a criminal street gang founded by Haitian immigrants within the United States, with its roots in Miami, Florida,” wrote “[Zoe Pound Gang] is well known for its involvement in drug trafficking, robbery and related violent crime.”

“Zoe Pound members allegedly identify with the Haitian flag and its colors of blue, white and red,” reported “The gang’s base in Fort Pierce generally was between 14th and 15th Streets from Avenue D to Canal Terrace.”

In June 2009, six of the highest ranking gang members were taken down after more than one year of investigation into the group. “Taking down these particular six members of the Zoe Pound gang is going to have a tremendous impact on the safety and security of the streets of Fort Pierce,” said Police Chief Sean Baldwin after arresting the men. “We’re going to continue to chase these violent gang members down and put them in prison for life.” (

… And it looks like Mac A Zoe was one of them, but maybe not for long.

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