Nicki Minaj Plans Music Video Takeover with Newest Video

The infamous Minaj boob signing

We at SoJones love Barbie Goddess Nicki Minaj and her rather quirky ways of rhyming her way through the male dominated jungle that is Hip Hop music. Recently, it’s been discovered her next video will be for the song ‘Girls Fall Like Dominoes‘ and the guest stars, if she gets her way, will have Minaj joining forces with Rihanna, Madonna, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Mariah Carey, and the Kardashian sisters. We imagine Nicki will get her wish with adventurous lyrics like:

So when I’m in the hills I hang with Kristin Cavallari

and when I’m in Miami I’m with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe

and when I’m in the A I’m with Ciara or it’s Keri

I’m feeling like a Diva then I hit Marah Carey

I’m in the UK, I’ma see MIA

super hero by night, ra ra rapper by day

and if I just wanna talk I’ma hit up Monique

if i need a bad b**** Angelina Jolie

Material Girls like Madonna

model for Donatella, aint nothing you can tell her cause she get the mozarella

she look just like Rihanna, she work with Wihelmina only rocking Galliano.

she might be Filipino, be sippin Pellegrino

be watching Al Pacino, she could probably sniff a kilo

anyway yo, hit up Grace Jones and tell her I said Strange

I’m out in Paris motha****a with Beyonce

Minaj also gave a shoutout to Cyndi Lauper, whose videos made her want to jump into the TV screen as a kid and scream, “girls just wanna have fun!”

By the way, anyone hear Nicki’s latest rebuttal at Lil Kim called ‘Tragedy?’ SoJones predicts a great year for our superhero Miss Minaj, but what say you reader? Have you been keeping up with Minaj or are you expecting another female rapper to grab your attention, maybe one with more character voices and personality? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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