How Shaq Got His Swag Back: Secret Weapon Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander

We at SoJones could think of 100 reasons why it’d be cool to be Shaq for a day and, at the same time, 100 reasons why we’d hate it. Sure it’d be awesome to be a highly paid basketball player who gets to rub elbows with rap stars and models, but what about when you have to go clothes shopping? That’s gotta be hellish! So when we came across this video of Shaq’s talented girlfriend, Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander (from VH1 reality TV shows Flavor Of Love and I Love Money), making sure his style is proper instead of oversized zoot suits, gaudy designer print clothing, and anything short of Shaq wearing a king size balloon. Who knew Mrs. Alexander had a eye for fashion? We sense a SoJones internship for you, Hoopz! (Read about VH1’s latest reality show.)

Soon after Shaq had his fashion makeover, Alexander started receiving calls from other athletes and is now in the process of making a Big and Tall mens line. We’ll be checking for that Nicole! Also in Boston, Nicole is making a name for herself after being nominated in the Stuff magazine sexy issue and working on her fitness program at the Boston Sports Club in Waltham, MA. From being a professional basketball player in Italy to where she is now, you can’t ever say Nicole didn’t work her way into Shaq’s heart for nothing.

Lastly, we at SoJones want to say congrats to Shaq for announcing his retirement recently! Ever since you hit the NBA with the Orlando Magic, you’ve done nothing but dominate the center position and have us laughing while you did it. Neither can we forget the funny songs, the disses, the rap albums (which weren’t the best, but what athlete can boast that they did a song with Biggie Smalls? Exactly.) SoJones fans, leave some love for Shaq and Hoopz in the comments. Btw, who you rooting for in the finals, Heat or Mavs?

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