The SoJones List: Our Favorite Michael Jackson Impersonators

It’s been two years since Michael Jackson’s passing, but the euphoria on his death anniversary looks like it’s going to be a tradition.  We’ll be really happy if this is turned into a national holiday.  Michael Jackson left such a deep mark inside his fans’ hearts, that some decided to impersonate him…professionally. (Read why Will.I.Am said no to an upcoming Michael Jackson posthumous album.)

Take Navi (pictured above with the original Michael Jackson), for instance.  This impersonator has been imitating MJ for decades and he already has a fan base of his own.  Don’t believe us?  Check the tribute video below to see how phenomenal this Michael Jackson’s impersonator is.

Navi is just one of the thousands, if not millions of Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. While he might be the most established one, the number of MJ impersonators keeps growing and reaches almost all demographics. One thing’s for sure, MJ impersonators love to participate in talent shows. One of the most memorable acts was on the Britain’s Got Talent audition show. MJ goes Indian with Suleman Mirza and we dub this – very well-performed.

The appeal of Michael Jackson reaches not only the United Kingdom. It also reaches well into countries like Turkey. What happens there? This kid impersonated Michael Jackson and drove the audience wild.

And if you think the babies of today don’t even know who Michael Jackson is, you’re wrong. They know his songs by heart, and although his dance moves are hard, they’re mastered by this four year-old from China, Xiao Bao.

And guess what? Xiao Bao even got an invitation from daytime talkshow host, Ellen Degeneres to perform on her show. Watch this cuteness share some of his MJ moves with the audience. That sure deserves a trip to Disneyland!

Among all the MJ impersonators out there, those listed here are our favorites. But this last one takes the cake. proudly presents: The Amazing Christopher with his 5 Act. Who needs one MJ when you can have five at one go? Observe the brilliance.

Do you think Michael Jackson would’ve been proud? Discuss!

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