Lil Wayne and Eminem Noted in The Guinness World Records

With all the platinum albums, the awards and the fame that lasts for decades to come, The Guinness World Record seemed like something Lil Wayne and Eminem wouldn’t care about. However, the two rappers have made the Guinness World Records as announced on June 30th which also happened to be Social Media Day. (Read about Eminem’s Youtube domination.)

Guinness’ Records stated that Lil Wayne’s has the Most “Likes” on his Facebook Item. According to reports, Wayne’s fans posted 688,198 comments responding to a post written on February 15, 2011, challenging the previous record set by Oreo cookies.

Oreo’s award was taken away by Lil Wayne’s fans, as they wrote over a half-a-million comments in less than 24 hours.

If Wayne’s leading with over half a million Facebook comments, Eminem official page made the Top 5 pages on Facebook with 42.5 million “Likes”. The other four listed are Facebook’s own page,, Zynga and Lady Gaga.

Guinness World Record’s Community Manager gave a statement to

“There’s still a world of possibility in the social media space for new records as services emerge and existing ones increase their penetration. There are a few landmark figures which will surely be passed in the next few years, who will be the first Twitter user to amass 100 million followers? Which Facebook page will be the first to reach 100 million likes? Whoever it is, you can be sure that Guinness World Records will be there to recognise all of these milestone achievements.”

Will there ever be a 100 million likes on a Facebook page? We’ll have to wait and see.

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