Rodney O and Joe Cooley Work on Comeback Album

Rodney & Joe Cooley, pioneers in the world of West Coast Hip Hop, have joined forces for a new album. Working together for the first time in over a decade, this duo has collaborated in the recording of a new song entitled ” Dat Supa (Radio)”.

Rodney O recently told HipHop DX:

“Me and Joe, we always talked about another album, and it’s like we just didn’t want to worry about what other people was doing, what other groups was doing…We just need to go and make a Rodney O & Joe Cooley record.”

To be themselves and not worry about the radio or about what other performers are doing is the focus of their new album which is as of now still untitled. The new collaboration will feature Atlanta’s Ying Yang Twins, with potential appearances from DJ Quik and Too Short.

Rodney said of the twins:

“They came to us as fans and I went out there and kicked it with them for about almost a year, helping them with what they were doing and just being around them, so we’re friends… While everyone else was doing the Gangsta Rap, they were doing the party music. So when you do the party music you don’t get the respect that you want.”

Rodney O wrote songs for Vanilla Ice in the early-to-mid 1990s, including 10 songs on Ice’s 1994 Mindblowin album. Although he was not present during the publishing rights shakedown at the Bel Age Hotel with bodyguard, Marion “Suge” Knight, who would soon co-found Death Row Records, he was there after it happened.  He and Knight were at odds for a while, but Rodney is over that as a street man who never steps aside and faces challenges as they come. (Read about Suge Knight working with PETA.)

Good luck on your new album, guys!


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