Mainstream? That’s Rocawear

Rocawear launched a new online marketing campaign that will run through the end of the year. Is your favorite urban brand going mainstream? Jay-Z seems to think so. He stated:

“We are a great American brand. We don’t envision ourselves as an urban brand or streetwear brand. We wanted to show people how we’ve evolved and repositioned ourselves, without abandoning our original DNA.”

In order to show the brand’s evolution to its fans, Rocawear will seed the web with 37 short, original videos, featuring an eclectic mix of musicians, poets, artists and a troupe of fleet-footed double-dutch jumpers. [Read more on Rocawear in our Brand Focus]

Jay-Z stated that culture is not anymore segmented:

“It’s all walks of life. When I played the Glastonbury music festival people said a hip-hop artist couldn’t play a rock festival. But culture isn’t segmented like that any more. There’s so much cross-pollinization and the same thing is true for clothes.”

Although featuring lots of artists, here’s’s favorite dance duo: Les Twins.

Rocawear has also been facing new competitors and they’re not from the so-called “urban” clothing world. Jameel Spencer, chief marketing officer of Rocawear stated:

“The landscape of urban culture has changed dramatically over the past two to four years — it’s not as obvious as it used to be. Who would have expected that our competition would now be Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister and Aéropostale?”

To check out what Rocawear has in store, stop by at the brand’s pop-up shop at 201 Mulberry Street in Manhattan’s NoLIta neighborhood. The space will serve as a brand showcase and there will also be celebrities, bloggers, radio personalities and students there coming in and tape testimonials on their impressions of the brand. Check for more info.

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