Drake Disses Social Media

In an interview with Source Magazine, Young Money rapper Drake admitted to “hat[ing] social media.”

“Instead of kids going out and making their own moments, they’re just taking these images [on Tumblr] and living vicariously through other people’s moments,” Drake told Source Magazine. “It just kills me. Then you’ll meet them and they’re just the biggest turkey in the world. They don’t actually embody any of those things. They just emulate. It’s scary man, simulation life that we’re living. It scares me.”

Drake has nearly 4 million Twitter followers, some of which are not friendly at all. “I remember the day my mom was getting surgery and someone came on Twitter and they were like, ‘Yo, Drake, I hope your mom dies,’” he recalled the incident where a cruel user tweeted their opinion. “Out of 1000 compliments, it’s so crazy. It’s basically, like, when you used to sit there as a kid and want to know what everyone is thinking. That’s your superpower. [Twitter is] knowing what everyone is thinking.”

In addition to unwarranted threats against his mother, Drake’s respect and likeness for social media has dropped even further with the leak of his sophomore album, Take Care. Despite being scheduled for release on November 15, the album was leaked early. “I am not sure if the album leaked,” Drizzy (@Drake) tweeted. “But if it did thank god it doesn’t happen a month early anymore. Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it … and take care until next time.”

Twitter isn’t the only site that’s got Drake up-in-arms. He claims that our current generation as well as future generation’s youth will continue to degenerate and become destroyed with further use of Twitter as well as Tumblr. Drizzy told Source Magazine:

“I’m really scared for my generation, you know? The thing that scares me most is Tumblr. I hate what Tumblr has become. Because it like, it reminds me of those cliquey girls in high school that used to make fun of everyone else and define what was cool, but in five years, when you all graduate, that sh** doesn’t matter. No one gives a f*** about that sh**.”

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