50 Cent Is Set to Make TV Debut with “The Finder”

50 Cent takes to The Finder, a Bones spin-off, in January and set to air in February 2012. (Read about 50 Cent’s team up with Robert De Niro.)

According to TheBeatGoes.com, “The role might involve a little more method acting than the rapper’s film gigs as he will play a hip hop mogul named Big Glade. Fif’s character enlists the show’s lead, Walter, played by Geoff Stults, to find the missing recordings of a rapper who was signed onto his label, but things take a dark turn when the show’s star finds out that the rap mogul will stop at nothing to get his hands on the missing material.”

Not the least bit surprising, 50 Cent will be playing a hip-hop mogul who is trying to recover a deceased rapper’s missing tracks before they’re leaked to the public. The twist, according to TVLine.com, is that Fifty’s record company owning character will stop at nothing to get back those missing tracks before he loses millions.

In addition to this, after dropping nearly 80 pounds to land the role as the Heisman Trophy hopeful in All Things Fall Apart, Fifty is set to see his big-screen debut in 2012. The role is a sentimental display of a man who discovers a tumor inches away from his heart.

Fifty’s been working on his acting resume with a slew of other acting gigs this year and the next as well. “His most recent gig was a role in the heist film Setup alongside Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe which was released straight to DVD and Blu-Ray in September,” reported TheBeatGoes.com. “The rapper-turned-actor is currently involved in three projects, Vengeance, Fire with Fire, and Freelancers, that are at the post-production stage and is currently filming The Frozen Ground with John Cusack and Nicolas Cage, while Lives of the Saints which stars Meg Ryan is in the pre-production stage.”

Fifty has definitely been on the up-and-up. First, he took to humanitarianism with volunteer work, passionate blogs and benefit concerts. Now, he’s expanding his expertise to include not only philanthropic work and big-screen acting, but small screen cameos as well.

“At this point I need to show growth and do different things, and be a strong impression on people’s life without it relating to music,” Fifty told CBS10TV.com in an interview about the rapper’s newest prospects. “Music was the platform for me to get enough attention to matter. Now, I can do things that are really effective.”

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