NDEUR: When Heels Meet Art

Matthieu Missiaen for NDEUR

SoJones.com never forgets the ladies, as the urban fashion womenswear scene is as actively growing as the men’s. Therefore our spotlight this week lands on a Canadian shoe brand: NDEUR. Starting from the hatred of the word ‘underground’ because it has no significant meaning, NDEUR founder, Matthieu Missiaen started to write ‘UNDERGROUND’ in each and every painting he’s made as an inside joke. Little did he know that the irony he found and kept -and decided to write by switching up the letters, would be the “it” thing on the women’s urban streetwear scene.

Matthieu Missiaen came from Paris’ up and coming art and design crowd. Prior to his international move, Missiaen had it solid with his art collective called the Charnel Baz’art. Missiaen then moved to Toronto and came up with a concept that put shoe lovers in awe. While others are pursuing the urban sneaker art trend, he started his own venture and applied his art to ladies’ heels.

Aside from his own fantastic NDEUR shoe designs which are sold in a handful of boutiques worldwide, Missiaen opens up and mixes it up with other streetwear brands in France, as well as huge brands like Vans and Microsoft. He started his professional career as a web developer and multimedia designer. Missiaen then began painting and pursued the more traditional art style before finally deciding that art will be his way of life.

Missiaen took a seemingly downward turn when he moved to Toronto, unemployed and looking for any kind of odd job. Luck be the lady named Sarah Campbell, an indie fashion boutique owner, who hired him to paint her store. Missiaen impressed Campbell with his portfolio and soon after they came up with the idea of splashing some art onto 10 pairs of women’s heels which sold fast.

Missiaen is quite picky about the shoes he works on. He prefers leather, because plastic or vinyl can’t be painted on. As every shoe is of different materials, he strives to add a unique flavor to each of his creations. Below are the SoJones-approved artsy NDEUR ladies pumps.  But no worries boys, NDEUR can customize your sneakers too.





For more fabulousness on the NDEUR Ladies shoes (and how to order men’s customized shoes), visit www.ndeur.com

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