LiKuid Nation and PiNC: Streetwear with a Purpose

lkdn-logoStreetwear fans might already be familiar with the brand LiKuid Nation, which was created in August 2008 by Cameron Bennerman who is currently a professional basketball player in Europe. Being an artistic type whose thoughts are always of North Carolina back home, Cameron decided to start LiKuid Nation as a way of giving back by providing local opportunities and in the process, giving his homestate some props and exposure. This meant mixing hip-hop, art, design, skateboarding culture and fashion. In essence, not just giving North Carolina another streetwear line, but a new edge on local culture which consists of extremely exclusive, high quality apparel, at an affordable price.

LiKuiD Nation did not wait very long to launch another brand under its wings, titled PiNC or People In North Carolina. LiKuid Nation taped one North Carolina native designer from Salisbury, N.C., J. Sol, to cater to the demands of local style. In an interview with Arize Magazine, Cameron Bennerman stated:

“LiKuid Nation is based out of North Carolina and this brand was built with the vision of being exclusive and unique to N.C. so that’s where ‘PiNC.’ came in. We felt like LiKuid Nation should be for the world, but PiNC. should be exclusive to N.C.”

Not only giving back through the opportunities it created, LiKuid Nation also reaches out to those in need through PiNC. As alums of the N.C. State University, Cameron and J.Sol reflected back on their university days when the N.C. State University women’s basketball head coach, Kay Yow, was diagnosed with cancer. Coach Yow died this past year and her legacy inspired LiKuid Nation to donate a percentage of all PiNC. merchandise sales to the Kay Yow Cancer Foundation.

Design-wise, LiKuid Nation leans more towards clean, streamlined graphics on their t-shirts, while PiNC seems to be more playful in its approach with brighter colors and humorous graphic approach. Here are some SoJones-approved items from both LiKuid Nation and PiNC.







T-shirt prices range from $20 – $35, and shoes are retailed for $155.

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