Shmack Shoes Preview for SoJonesTV

Shmack clothing are known to be so fly they’ve been flying off the shelves since their debut in 2005, and now they’re starting on shoes too!   SoJones TV caught up with the brand’s rep, Trevor Delmore to check out some of their newest collection for the upcoming season. What to watch for in the video:

  • The Hatchet, which has the versatility to hide shoelaces with a trick tongue
  • The Jet Black with a nifty yellow accent on the side sole
  • For ladies, The Black Fuschia Hatchet.  Check out the tiger stripes on the side.
Latin music group Tha Heights in Shmack gear
Latin music group Tha Heights in Shmack gear

Although looking like throwbacks from 80’s skating sneakers, Shmack shoes are mostly inspired by many modern life aspects.  From luxury fabrications to architectural design, Shmack makes sure they pay attention to details in order to deliver their version of the ideal kicks.  Here’s the SoJones Editors picks:



Shmack Crowbar
Shmack Crowbar

Retail prices start at $90, but there’s a sale on now at DrJays.

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