Attention Fashion and Apparel Brands: SoJones will be at MAGIC, y’all

SoJones will be attending next week’s fashion trade show MAGIC in Las Vegas, Aug 31-Sep 2. We’ll be there to scout out what’s coming down the pipe for our fashion-forward audience, and doing SoJonesTV video interviews with:

  • hot streetwear, urban fashion and celebrity-backed brands
  • fashion stylists and tastemakers
  • celebs, music artists

Keep an eye out for us and our SoJonesTV host Merriliz Monzon. We’ll be on the floor at MAGIC Marketplace, POOL, S.L.A.T.E., Project and Street from 9am-2pm.

merriliz headshot
Look for Merriliz and SoJones at MAGIC!

Send interview requests to info<at>

Merriliz Monzon, SoJonesTV Host
Merriliz Monzon, SoJonesTV Host

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