Summer Movie Guide

Men In Black III

Summer brings the best of everything. Great weather, no school, beaches, girls, boys, and summer blockbusters at the movie theater. This summer could be one of the biggest in years, with numerous big-budget, highly-anticipated films dropping almost every weekend. To help you navigate through the summer movie madness, we put together a list of can’t-miss films to catch during the summer months.

  1. The Avengers – The movie that everyone has been waiting for is finally here, and from the word on the streets, it is every bit as awesome as comic fans have dreamed. The Avengers hits theaters on May 4 as the first of the summer blockbusters and ushers in the beginning of summer hysteria at the movies. Fans have eagerly been waiting for the superhero film starring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and, of course, the Hulk. Marvel announced its plan to make the movie several years ago and teased fans with hints throughout the other comic book–based movies.
  2. The Dark Knight Rises – Fans have been waiting on the edges of their seats for the final installment of this Batman series ever since The Dark Knight debuted and changed the way people thought about films based on comic books. The success of The Dark Knight was based partly on Heath Ledger’s award-winning performance as Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker, but the new film will feature a new villain, Bane. Trailers have left fans speculating as to how Nolan will end his run of the series, and they can’t wait to see for themselves.
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man – The revamped Spider-Man movie will take a brand new look at the first chapter in the Spider-Man legend. Andrew Garfield takes on the blue and red tights as young Peter Parker, who discovers a clue that will help explain what happened to his parents. Along the way, he meets Gwen Stacy—played by a blonde Emma Stone—and Dr. Curt Connors—better known as The Lizard by Spidey fans—as he tries to put together the secrets of his past and embrace his new future.
  4.  Prometheus – The film features top-notch director Ridley Scott and a top notch cast that includes Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, and Michael Fassbender. Put that together with the spooky premise of a crew of explorers on a mysterious journey that leads them to the darkest corners of the earth and a terrifying secret that will affect all mankind, and you have a film that is a potential blockbuster.
  5. Battleship – Named after a popular board game, the movie from the creators of Transformers focuses on a fleet of ships forced into a brutal battle with an army of unearthly beings. If the trailers are any indication, this will be a high-flying action flick with superb graphics that will leave audiences in awe. The film also stars singing superstar Rihanna in her first major movie role.
  6. Men in Black III – Will Smith returns as Agent J who must go back to the early years of the agency in the 1960s to fight a mysterious threat against his partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). With Josh Brolin attempting to play Tommy Lee Jones’ character better than Tommy Lee Jones, this should be a good film.
  7. Snow White and the Huntsman – This film takes a daring twist on the classic fairy tale, as the Huntsman befriends Snow White—whom he was ordered to kill—and helps her take on the evil, beautiful Queen played by Charlize Theron. The film stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman.
  8. G.I. Joe: Retaliation – The Joes return in this film that sees them framed for crimes against the country. The team is forced to fight against seemingly impossible odds with only a handful of remaining members.
  9. The Bourne Legacy – A Bourne movie without Matt Damon? It may seem unspeakable, but it is happening. Jeremy Renner is playing a new CIA operative in the latest Bourne film.
  10. Ted – Ted is a comedy from the mind of Seth MacFarlene (Family Guy) about a teddy bear that comes to life as the result of a childhood wish, and what happens when everyone grows up.

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