Katy Perry Says No to American Idol, Turns Down $20 Million Contract

Oh, Mariah. You could have haggled for a $20 million deal, and now we can see those claws coming out aimed at Katy Perry. Yes, today’s shocking news came from pop sensation Katy Perry, who was offered $20 million to be one of the judges on American Idol … but she rejected the position.

TMZ reported that the Idol producers pursued Katy Perry for weeks and that they wanted her so badly, they upped the offer from $18 million to $20 million for a year-long contract. Mariah Carey, who accepted their offer in late July, settled for $18 million, which makes her the highest-paid American Idol judge (or any other talent show judge) to date.

Perry said that being an American Idol judge “might not be the right career move” for her.

Since being turned down by Katy Perry, American Idol producers have continued their hunt for a replacement. Among the rumored names, Pharrell Williams and Nick Jonas are still the main contenders. Nicki Minaj is also on the list of candidates, along with country sensation Keith Urban.

Image: BigStockPhotos

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