Chris Brown and Buddies Dress as Taliban Fighters for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up any way you want, and Chris Brown decided to be a Taliban terrorist for a day.

Sporting a long robe, a traditional turban, and a string of fake bullets across his chest, Brown hit up Greystone Manor Supperclub to attend the 2012 Halloween Carnival, which was hosted by his ex-girlfriend (and rumored rekindled lover) Rihanna.

Before he hit the clubs, the R&B singer and his buddies (also dressed in traditional Afghanistan costumes) posed for a group shot.

As you can see above, Brown was brandishing a machine gun above his head, mimicking a Taliban victory stance. The 23-year-old artist shared  the picture on Twitter and Instagram with a caption:

“Ain’t nobody F**king wit my clique!!!!”

At the said event, Rihanna was crowned the Queen of the Night at Halloween Carnival. And with Brown’s latest stunt, he could be named the King of the Night for Halloween Controversy. What do you think of Brown’s choice of Halloween costume?

Image Source: Twitter 

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