Kanye West to Design Lil Wayne’s ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ Album Art

Last month, Lil Wayne teased us with news that Kanye West would have a “big hand” in crafting his upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being II. It turns out, Kanye may not be contributing any musical input into the project, but he’ll be lending his artistic ingenuity and marketing acumen.

Weezy dished out to MTV that ‘Ye will be designing the entire album packaging and he even revealed that it was the G.O.O.D. Music honcho’s idea. He explained ‘Ye’s involvement:

“He didn’t do any music on this album but ‘Ye is actually packaging my album. You probably gotta ask him because it was his idea. I was just like ‘okay, do whatever,’ because I don’t do nothing but rapping. You can ask all the people that work with me, they’ll tell you ‘man, he don’t do nothin’ but the music,’ that’s all I do man. That’s all I know about.”

Lil Wayne further clarified what he meant by packaging:

 “What I mean by packaging is he’s gonna do the album cover, the inside, all that. He wanted that, he said ‘I wanna package Wayne’s album,’ so I already know my album package is gonna be crazier than [the album]. You ain’t even gotta hear it, you gonna love just seeing it.”

Knowing that the result will be genius, Weezy said he’s going to let Kanye do what he does best and left the job to the man who will surely not disappoint.

“I’ma let ‘Ye do what he do. If it ain’t nothing out of the box crazy, but ‘Ye is ‘Ye. He’s a genius.”

Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II designed by Kanye West has a nice ring to it, but we’ll have to wait until February 19 to see the final result.

Image via KillerHipHop

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