SlingShox Skins Make It Look Like You’re Wearing a Different G-Shock Watch Everytime

Slingshox GShock

Do you love your G-Shock watch? But wish that you could have different ones for various occasions or wardrobes or just to change it up everyday?

Well, thanks to SlingShox, you’re in luck.

SlingShox is an Interchangeable Silicone Watchband Accessory that will work with a variety of G-Shock watches, including the 6900, 100, and 110 models. By simply removing your G-Shock band with the tool provided in every package, you can slip the watch into any number of stylish interchangeable skins to change the look of your favorite G-Shock on a daily basis.

While at Project Las Vegas last month, SlingShox unveiled the lines for their new patterned and glow-in-the-dark G-Shock cases for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 season. Besides the SlingShox skins coming in a variety of colors, the company now features an assortment of patterns to choose from. The new prints for spring will include:

Cheetah in High Volt Orange, Leopard in Varsity Red and True Blue, Micro Zebra in High Volt Green, Aloha in Chlorine Blue, Purple Camo and Digital Camo in Grey, Pink and Red

Slingshox GShock

Slingshox GShock

Slingshox also revealed their first-ever Camo Glow-In-The-Dark band so you can light up the night, literally.

Slingshox G Shock Camo

The new patterned line will drop on April 20 for a suggested retail price of $40 a piece. So, make sure you pick up one of the new SlingShox bands online at Karmaloop’s Kazbah or at

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