Nike Drops NBA Superhuman Shirt Collection

Nike NBA Superhuman collection

Sneaker-collecting has been going on for years. And, it’s no secret that collectors have spent an endless amount of time and cash into their sneaker collections. But, how come people won’t do the same for shirts? After-all, shirts are the simplest form of expressing yourself, not to mention they cost less than a pair of kicks. Well, Nike is about to change all that.

“Let’s not forget the power of a T-shirt, which in many ways can be as personally impactful as an elite shoe design. Athletes can express their personality and attitude anywhere, anytime,” said Tracy Teague, Nike Basketball Creative Director.


Following that sentiment, Nike recently teamed up with artist Jack Aguirre to create a sick Superhuman-themed T-shirt collection. Along with Aguirre’s hand-illustrated artistry and bold graphics, the collection also features input from three of the top stars currently in the NBA.

After meeting and hanging out with Aguirre, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant included their ideas, skills, and personalities for the new Superhuman-themed T-shirt collection. The end result was transforming the three stars into their heroic alter egos. The alter egos depicted are KD as Clutch, LeBron as Carbonado, and Kobe as The Black Mamba.




“It’s exciting to meet with Jack and Nike’s T-shirt team during my trips to Nike’s campus,” said Kevin Durant. “We talk about everything from cars to colors, and I’m impressed by how he’s able to bring my personality and interests to a T-shirt for people to wear.”

These “Superhero” tees are more than just graphic shirts from Nike. They’re actually pieces of art. And we’re pretty sure that this collection is going to start a trend in shirt collecting. Don’t be surprised if more artists will be teaming up with athletes or celebs to create a wearable canvas in the future.

You can get a behind-the-scenes look at their creation and development by checking out a “Nike Basketball Inside Access” video below.

The new Nike Basketball Superhuman T-shirt collection is available here, and you should grab it right now before it’s gone.

Images and news via Nike

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