Should Derrick Rose Return to the Court This Season?


What’s the Holdup?

Even though Derrick Rose has been medically cleared to return to the Chicago Bulls lineup for some time now, following surgery from an ACL tear during the first playoff game last season, he remains day-to-day. So, what’s the holdup?

Simply put, Rose needs to get mentally ready. He’ll rejoin his team when he rebuilds his confidence. With that being said, this has caused a frenzied debate amongst fans and sports analysts on whether or not the adidas spokesman should rejoin his team this season.

To Remain Benched or to Make a Run for the Title?

Although there’s no debate that the Bulls are a much better squad with Rose on the court, they do remain a good team. In fact, Chicago has already locked up a playoff berth. With the NBA playoffs quickly approaching, should Derrick Rose come back to help the Bulls make a run for the title, or should he stay on the bench until next season?

In the best interest of both the team and player, Rose should remain benched.

While none of us know exactly what’s going on in his head, the Wizards’ John Wall probably has some of the best insight into what Rose is dealing with. Wall missed more than two months with a knee injury earlier in the season. He returned to action in January, but he recently revealed that “It took me until March to really find my rhythm of getting into game shape,” because during “the first month, month and a half I was playing 20 minutes. You play five minutes a quarter, you can’t really find yourself, so it’s very tough. But when you get to start starting and playing more minutes you start to find yourself again, so it was pretty tough at the beginning.”

With that being said, it wasn’t surprising when Wall said the following:

“I feel like [if] I were in the situation I wouldn’t really [come back this year] because you don’t have enough time to get into a rhythm. Then you get to the playoffs, D-Rose wouldn’t be good for that team just playing 20 minutes a game. They’re already a good team and good defensively, but to be even better he would have to play more minutes.”

No Distraction. No Sub-Par Play

Wall makes an excellent point. The Bulls have already managed to get into the playoffs without Rose, and they don’t need the distraction or sub-par play from their star player during the most important time of the season, especially if he’s not mentally capable. The team should roll on with the roster that is currently playing.

Also, and this is meant in no disrespect to the Bulls, but how deep will they actually go in the playoffs? Would the Bulls be able to beat the seemingly unstoppable Miami Heat in a seven-game series? While, yes, Chicago ended Miami’s winning streak, it’s very unlikely that they could best the Heat in a playoff series. But, it’s just not Miami that Chicago would have to beat. What about the Knicks or Pacers? Probably not. Even with a returning Rose, it’s going to be extremely difficult for Chicago to make a serious run.

Too Soon or Gone Too Long?

But, let’s also be concerned about Rose’s future. It would be foolish to jeopardize his career, and his deal with adidas, to come back too soon. Rose needs to take as much time as he should to properly heal from the surgery. Rushing back to the court will only do more harm to his body. The last thing he needs, and the Bulls too, is to re-injure himself because he cannot, at the moment,play the game that he’s accustomed to.

Rose and the Bulls are a young and great group of players. They need to be more concerned about the future. They’re going to need their franchise player for years to come. And, they have the time to become serious contenders down the road. So, should Derrick Rose return now? Nah. Probably next season.


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