Would Real Men Wear Colored Socks?


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One important, but an extremely overlooked piece, of your wardrobe are socks.

Sounds a bit silly, but a pair of socks can tie your entire ensemble together. And, if you think people won’t notice, they will. You could be rocking a $1,500 suit, but if you’ve got on a pair of cheap socks, you might as well just stay home. Because you’re going to be making a fool of yourself.

Never ever wear white socks unless…

As a whole, matching socks to your outfit is a simple task. First off, never, ever wear white socks unless you’re working out. So, just leave them in the drawer. Secondly, your socks should match your trousers. This makes a streamlined look that’s safe for almost any situation.

A third piece of advice is that your socks should be high enough so that you’re not showing any flesh. Finally, and this should be a give-in–don’t leave the house with socks that have holes or stains. That’s just embarrassing.

Are patterned colored socks something a respectable man would wear?

Of course, there are plenty of other rules and guidelines for wearing the right socks with the right outfit. But, the tips mentioned above are just some general reminders. But, what about colored socks? Are they something that any respectable man would wear?

In a word. Absolutely.

Colored socks do have advantages when worn correctly. They can spice up your outfit by adding personality and flare to an otherwise boring ensemble. There are also colored socks for different seasons and occasions, in both design and material. This means that besides being fashionable, you’ll also be festive and appropriately dressed for that specific time of year.

Have fun with your socks…

So, what if it’s patterned socks? What rules apply to them? This is where things can get a bit tricky. Essentially, you’re already breaking the rules of conservative fashion, so you should just incorporate your personality into the outfit. At this point, you can’t go wrong with your wardrobe. However, there is one rule you should keep in mind. If you’re wearing a patterned pair of socks make sure that no other piece of your wardrobe has the same pattern. This will create an overly matched look that’s going to be a bit too much for your getup to handle. Other than that, have fun with your socks.

If you keep these couple of tips in mind, you’ll be man enough to wear colored socks any time you want. Well, maybe not pink.

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