Is Jay-Z a Freemason?


Here at SoJones, we consider Jay-Z a friend and ally, with the Rocawear fragrance collection being one of the many things we offer you readers to cop when your steez needs it. But with his album the Blueprint 3 dropping late last year, and the single “Run This Town” doing as well as it did, more and more folks are coming out the cut with a religious bone to pick with Rocnation and “Hov”. With an estimated almost 2 million Freemason members in the United States, it’s no wonder Jay-Z is being examined under scrutiny such as what you will see in the video below.

Other Freemasons in world history include people like: Winston Churchill, Nat King Cole, Jazz musician Duke Ellington, Jesse Jackson, Mozart, and many more.

The general requirements of what it takes to become a Freemason:

  • Be a man who comes of his own free will.
  • Believe in a Supreme Being (the form of which is left to open interpretation by the candidate).
  • Be at least the minimum age (from 18–25 years old depending on the jurisdiction).
  • Be of good morals, and of good reputation.
  • Be of sound mind and body
  • Be free-born (or “born free”, i.e. not born a slave or bondsman). As with the previous, this is entirely an historical holdover, and can be interpreted in the same manner as it is in the context of being entitled to write a will. Some jurisdictions have removed this requirement.
  • Be capable of furnishing character references, as well as one or two references from current Masons, depending on jurisdiction.

jayztherocxn95.jpgPyramid Scheme?

Throughout the years, criticism for Freemasons are common, most criticisms being from the  Roman Catholic church. This DVD documentary you will see below discusses why they believe Jay-Z to be a 3rd degree Mason, also known as a “Master Mason”. In this documentary, the albums Blueprint 1- Blueprint 3 give significance to their claims through pointing out the various Freemason symbols.

If the video doesn’t play immediately give it a second… it might take a moment to load. It’s also an hour and 30 minutes.

While some of this may be true, who really cares? If you as a consumer believe this, then you not wanting to support Jay-Z is up to you, but I imagine this is just making him more prevalent in society and in current topics.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this, his latest video for “on to the next one” dropped on New Years Eve. It seems to me that he’s mocking the rumors with this image from the video:
So what say you? Is this just another conspiracy theorist having a field day with Rocnation, or is what he’s saying valid? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

If video doesnt play wait 5 minutes. It takes time to load
Cartel reports “This DVD documentary exposes Jay-Z as a 3rd degree Mason or a “Master Mason”. Breaks down the albums from Blueprint 1 thru Blueprint 3 and their true meanings, Freemason symbols

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