Lady Gaga is Latest Target of the Westboro Baptist Church


Westboro Baptist church pastor Fred Phelps (Middle)

Well well well! The Westboro Baptist church has done it again as both a house of worship and a hate group that travels across America spewing hate and insensitivity wherever they go. Since their inception in 1955 they have brought their own brand of intolerance to a city near you against families of gays, soldiers and Jews to name a few.

To make matters even worse, a particular upcoming event this “church” is trying to crash could make the biggest noise of all. Pastor Phelps has put out a press release that promotes and explains why he and his congregation will be protesting outside of Lady Gaga’s concert at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis on January 7th.

Celebs like Michael Moore, Tyra Banks and media outlets like Fox News are interested in what makes the Phelps family that runs this church “the most hated family in America”.

A documentary was made to look into this family and what drives them to persecute certain groups so much. Check it out below:

I can only wonder what Lady Gaga will do to address these crazy folks when they protest at her show. She’s definitely doing things for pop music that haven’t been done in a while, and with that comes the drama!

What do you think reader? Is the Haus of Gaga in danger as these crazy folks from Kansas attempt to throw stones at Gaga’s throne? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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