TWON: Going Old New York Gangsta For Spring

  • Learn about NYC’s real gangsters through TWON’s newest collection
  • Experience mafia culture and look fly in TWON’s fine interpretation in its fab graphic designs
  • Check TWON’s hot caps and watch collab with FLUD Watches too!

Although SoJones met TWON at their first MAGIC show in February, TWON has actually been in the fashion game for quite some time now. The New York-based label is clearly in love with the Big Apple, and it’s showing everywhere in their collection.

TWON’s theme for this season goes O.G., before there were O.G’s: The Bowery Boys and their rivals, The Dead Rabbits, circa 1850’s old New York. The label released a spring 2010 collection that features a t-shirt for each of the gangs and original cross streets that made up Five Points district. The second half of the collection is heavily inspired by Italian Mafia culture. Aside from the cool t-shirts, TWON has also released a collection of caps and collaborated with watchmaker: FLUD Watches.

Here are some peeks from TWON’s lookbook at for this season.  To view their full collection, visit their website at

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