A$AP Rocky Gets a Hold of the Rick Owens x adidas Collab Way in Advance



There were plenty of people who got worked up when it was announced that high-fashion designer Rick Owens was going to co-design a series of running shoes for adidas. But, no one was probably more jacked than A$AP Rocky.

It’s no secret that Rocky is crazy about the American designer, who now lives in Paris so he can be on the pulse of the fashion industry. In fact, even Owens knows how much Rocky digs his work, which explains why the dude can get some of Owens’ gear in advance. So, was it surprising that A$AP proudly posted a pic of him rocking an all-black pair of the Rick Owens x adidas sneakers? Not really.

What’s really surprising is that Rocky got his hands on these shoes way in advance. Like a year, or close to it. The collection isn’t expected to drop until spring/summer 2014, but there’s Rocky just chilling with a pair on his feet. Ah. To be rich and famous.

When the collaboration is released, expect the line to include sneakers that will be a mix of black, white, grey, pearl, and bone. These are usually the preferred color schemes for Owens, who apparently doesn’t like a lot of color in his work.

Stay tuned for more details on the Rick Owens x adidas collab, or just follow A$AP Rocky. He’ll probably get more of this hyped collaboration before all of us anyways.

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