About Us

We all love List, be it a top ten songs of all time or a top 10 findings of some critically acclaimed American geologist, we just love it. If you ask us, they are so irresistible-they are easy on the eyes and the mind so loves the flavour they have. Make any list a top 10 and suddenly it becomes so interesting, so craving, like you could have eaten the list.

Here, in Elist10 we have a team who works their bums out to give you a delicious top 10 items of fascinating issues covering various fields, from technology to lifestyle, from books to electronic gadgets, from sports to video games, from people to gods and what not.

The lists we bring to you are accurate and informative. We have a team of hardworking members who assemble all these lists after conducting an appropriate and detailed research. First, we pick topics of general interest. Then, we scrape various resources and collect data and information on those topics. Then, we do further research on those topics ensuring accuracy of information extracted. And finally we do the big thing of publishing them and while doing that we keep in mind that the lists are readable, understandable, and hell yeah interesting too!!!