Analog Clothing

Analog Clothing is a premium label which emphasizes stylish and functional outerwear inspired by extreme sports. The label, which has revolutionized street wear and snowboarding outerwear,  is the brainchild of Jake Burton Carpenter, head honcho of Burton Snowboards.

Beat the cold of the snowy slopes with this graphic hoodie from Analog Clothing.
Beat the cold of the snowy slopes with this graphic hoodie from Analog Clothing.

Born in Vermont in 2003, Analog Clothing relocated near the beaches of Irvine, California in 2004 when it became the newest member of Burton Snowboards family, alongside famous skate labels Gravis Footwear, R.E.D. protection, and Anon Optics. Now, Analog Clothing can be found in the major cities of United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Analog Soul first released a men’s and women’s clothing collection in the fall season of 2003. The collection, geared towards people with athletic lifestyles (case in point: those who surf, skate, and snowboard), is brimming with unique and stylish designs. After all, the label believes in a fairly simple concept: “being open to more than one idea and consistently delivering the inconsistent and forging unlikely offerings to the status quo.”

True enough, Analog Clothing  sticks with its motto of “creating outside the lines and pushing creativity and individuality in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding” by producing apparel which push the envelope of conventional extreme sports styles.

Analog Clothing sees itself as the “glue” that brings snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing together. It draws its “binding roots” from the fact that since the birth of the action sports market, fashionable people have welcomed the challenges of extreme sports and have managed to incorporate its aesthetics to everyday streetwear.

In order to provide sophisticated clothes for rugged athletes, Analog Clothing works in close coordination with the people who know how the clothes should feel to the environment and how it should look like – the extreme athletes themselves. Analog Clothing works with a development team which consists of Skaters Brian Sumner, Heath Kirchart, and Leo Romero; and snowboarders JP Solberg, Keir Dillon, Trevor Andrew, Romain De Marchi, Ryan Lougee and Kiersti Buaas. Besides the sporty inspiration these extreme athletes give, Analog Clothing also draws inspiration from music and art – which make the merchandise all the more stylish and unique.

Besides outerwear such as pants, gloves, and jackets, Analog Clothing sells quality boardshorts, denims, shorts, knits, jackets, tees, long sleeves, fleeces, sweaters, pants, wovens, PLAs, belts, wallets, hats, beanies, and packs.

The Analog - New Era "Bronski" fitted cap - perfect for skaters, snowboarders, and surfers who live an active yet stylish lifestyle.
The Analog - New Era "Bronski" fitted cap - is perfect for skaters, snowboarders, and surfers.

In September of 2007, Analog Clothing teamed up with New Era to create the Bronski fitted cap, made of cotton twill and mesh are available in duck, brown, and black.

The label has also collaborated with Sweet Skateboards to come up with a limited edition skateboard. This one-of-a-kind skateboard is hand-numbered and only 200 available in the market.

As it is the thread that binds surfing, skating, and snowboarding together, Analog Clothing supports a number of extreme athletes such as surfers Nathan Fletcher, Benji Weatherley, Koby Abberton, Kamalei Alexander, Josh Hoyer and Ben Godwin; skaters Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Luke Croker, Joe Goemann, and Steve Fortsner; and snowboarders Danny Davis, Mikkel Bang, Trevor Andrew, and Heikki Sorsa.

Analog Clothing is also inspired by a ‘Culture Crew’ which includes Hamburger Eyes, The Distrikt Collective, Arto Saari, Craig Wetherby, Mark Oblow, Tobin Yelland, Andy Wright, Reuben Ruiz, and Grant Willing.

In April 2009 Analog Clothing launched its official website to cater to its tech-savvy patrons; features official merchandise, team interviews, videos, photos, and a whole lot more. One of the website’s highlights is the Analog Army page where you can sign up and be included in the label’s mailing list. As a member of the Analog Army you can be notified of the latest Analog clothing events, news, sales and contests.

The brand is more than just a popular clothing label which appeals to both extreme athletes and stylish people. It encourages wearers to unify, liberate, resolve, and mobilize. Its unique standpoint truly embodies the Analog Clothing philosophy – taking a stand, making a point, challenging values and opening a number of minds.

Analog Clothing is truly a cut above the rest. It continues to shine on the streets, on the shores, and on the snowy slopes. With its unique designs, quality fabrics, and technical creativity, Analog clothing is famous for its “fashion statements” which are available only from select retailers  for a limited time.

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