Bow Wow’s Mother Teresa Caldwell Launches Taste Clothing Boutiques

Teresa Caldwell, mother of rap star Bow Wow, has had a long standing for passion that many are unaware of. According to resources the Teen-Icon’s mother dabbles in the fashion industry work herself, assisting artists with finding obscure brand names and fashion accessories.

According to Tori Boone of the The Gwinnet Daily Post, previous celebrity clients for Mrs. Caldwell go well beyond her son Shad “Bow Wow” moss. Her client base also consisted of NBA stars such as Baron Davis and Vince Carter.

Moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia after her son’s signing to SoSoDef records in the 90s, Caldwell has since moved beyond just catering fashions to celebrity clientele. The business entrepreneur moved into the clothing retail market of Atlanta, opening “Taste” clothing boutique in November of 2004 with business partner Curtis Martin of the New York Jets. Located on Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth (Atlanta Metro), the store became a thriving success, retailing merchandise that catered to Atlanta’s exploding Urban market.

After seeing the success of her first store, the fashion fan and stylist couldn’t resist looking for another location to open a second store. The vogue, fashionable, and driven Caldwell wanted to open something more upscale but still trendy in a second location that had much growth potential. She found that location for a new Taste store in the booming midtown district of Atlanta. Namely, it is located in Atlanta’s succeeding mid-rise shopping complex entitled “Atlantic Station”.

Caldwell said her success in the fashion world is like a dream come true. “It’s a blessing,” she said to reporters. “It feels so good.”

Naming the second store “Taste II”, the more upscale boutique was launched October 22, 2005. Bow Wow and other celebrity guests have made visits to the store since opening. Random sources online said while in the Taste II boutique they have witnessed celebrity customers exit with numerous products that registered in at above average totals, signifying another successful launching.

It’s also rumored that many high profile celebs are paying to have private styling sessions with Taste. (formerly URB1.COM) CEO, Rodrick Rainey, stopped into the store during the month of March to give an opinion on the boutique to his web site publication’s visitors. “It’s a hot boutique. While my site focuses on hip hop fashion and it’s not quite a hip hop boutique, she’s catering to a diverse crowd. All the trends that are penetrating hip hop culture from the pop world can probably be found at the Taste’s store,” he said, after praising the store’s content, customer help, and layout in more detail.

The wide varietY of brands carried in Taste and Taste II range from “Sean”, an upscale womenswear brand by Sean “Diddy” Combs to “Yaya”. Ed Hardy, which can be seen being worn by artists Game, Bow Wow, and Ciara in some of their latest videos, is also in the Taste II boutique.

Caldwell also told reporters that she’s researching different markets nationwide to expand the Taste boutique beyond Atlanta. Florida is one of the first states she hopes to expand her franchise into.

Taste stores are a joint venture between Curtis Martin, New York Jets player, and Teresa Caldwell. The boutique can be online at

Visit the web site for a gallery of photos from the stores’ grand openings and “Tastetini” night.

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