Top 10 biggest volcanic eruptions in the History

Besides its most beautiful and tolerant existence, there exists the other face of Mother-Nature which sometimes becomes too furious and catastrophic—to the extent that it reminds all of us how fragile our existence is. Volcanic eruptions serve the best example of nature’s most terrifying and catastrophic form. Since time immemorial, volcanic eruptions do exist and … Read more

Top 10 Aeroplane Hijack in the History

El Al Flight 426 (July 23, 1968)

A time there was, and it was during 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, when skyjacking or aeroplane hijacking was rampant. The climax was 9/11 terrorist attack when al-Qaeda hijacked American Airlines Flight 11, and United Airlines Flight 175 to attack at World Trade Center twin-towers in United States of America. With the implementation of tightened … Read more

Top 10 best trekking route in the world

Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Go interact with people from different arena, immerse yourself in cultures and begin to open yourself up to viewpoints that you had never been before. For me, trekking is one of the greatest joys in life. Scrutinize historical epochs and typical sociopolitical pictures of different countries you pass by. Explore the unexplored and discover your own … Read more

Top 10 facts about Bloody Sunday (1905)

bloddy sunday strike

Thousands of working class people—not Social Democrats but just the loyal working people—under the leadership of priest George Gapon—annoyed by an economic slump, poor working conditions, and the ongoing Russo-Japan War, marched on the freezing Sunday morning of January 22, 1905, to the Winter Palace, just to submit their kind petition to the Tsar Nicholas … Read more

Top 10 Renowned Guitar Brands under $500


Are you looking for an awesome guitar without going over budget? If you only have $500 to spend but you want the one from renowned brand, what would you go for? You can go searching for the prices in popular guitar magazines but there’s no avail! Chances are you might end up getting depressed out … Read more

Top 10 celebrity marriages that turned into divorce

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

Celebrity divorce is common vogue. Undoubtedly, the relationship starts with a great comfort, creating triumph and contentment. Later, it verges to dreadful ending creating a shattered dream of thousands of fans into contemplate wish, that will hardly become true.  Surprisingly, celebrity marriages are noticed by million of fans. The break-ups have a way of jolting the fans. … Read more

Top 10 Facts About Electricity

work of Franklin for electricity

Almost everything and everyone is dependent on electricity. But electricity is not just something you buy in a battery. Being one of the basic ingredients of the universe, the electricity is something that has revolutionized the way life is on this planet. Talking of all scientific innovations, electricity is by far one of the best things … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dress Designs

Imperial Pearl Syndicate Gown most expensive gown

If not an exaggeration, I’d certainly say that wedding is probably the only opportunity when all brides spend the day feeling like a princess. Regardless of any religion and cultures, wedding has always been a dream affair for any bride and the groom across the world. Whether or not brides would wish for an over-the-top … Read more

Top 10 Unique Buddhist Monasteries Around the World

Yumbulagang Monastery, Tibet

While we talk of Buddhism, monasticism plays vital role as it is one of the most fundamental institutions in Buddhist teachings. It’s the monks and nuns who are considered responsible for preserving the religion and spreading Buddhist teachings all over the world. They are responsible for educating and guiding Buddhist followers as well. Looking back … Read more

Top 10 Inspiring and creative 3D Painting Arts

The Flying Carpet

Pedestrians in the cities and towns throughout the world usually encounter a patch of sidewalk or paved surface decorated with amazingly beautiful 3D paintings. And Although this form of art is newfangled to most countries, 3D painting art has a long tradition in Europe and is believed to have originated in Italy during 16th century. … Read more

Top 10 Most Horrible Crimes Committed By old people


Crimes by elderly people! Doesn’t it sound too weird? Even we’ve been familiar with the literature and media all the time symbolizing elderly people as the victims of crime. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that old people too can involve in violent crimes. But I was proved wrong. As I was doing … Read more

Top 10 famous musicians who died at earlier age

Buddy Holly died at early age

The Music, the thing that expresses the inexpressible, has certainly passed through hectic developments and revolutions. The musical world itself has seen many legendary stars in its course. There have been such musicians, who’ve given music a distinct recognition and influenced its identity leaving their mark forever. They have gifted us the music, never to … Read more