Bizarre National Costumes at Miss Universe 2015

Beauty queens from all over the world convened at Doral, Miami to vie for the most coveted Miss Universe 2015 crown. As always, one of the most celebrated parts of the event is the presentation of the girls in their national costume. And very much like it was in the recent years, there were costumes that appear just a little too odd for a fashion icon’s taste. Here goes our list of bizarre national costumes for Miss Universe 2015:

1. Ms. Spain

Miss Spain

Miss Spain Desire Cordero Ferrer looked stunning. As a matter of fact, she even made it to the top 15. However, her national costume can get you thinking. Did she intently want to look like a queen, Virgin Mary, or some crowned damsel? Maybe we ought to ask her.

2. Miss Ireland

Miss Ireland

We’d like to believe that Miss Ireland Lisa Madden is wearing a beautiful costume. But hey, the fabric about her looks so heavy she might not be enjoying the feel underneath that entire ruckus. It seems like she just got out of some dense rainforest or worse, an army bunker. And she made herself look even less glamorous with that hair.

3. Ms. Canada

Miss Canada

Hockey must be the most popular sport in Canada. At least the message was clear. They forced it on Miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner and made her wear it as her national costume. The effect? It was less than desirable, ridiculous even. And does she really have to carry that huge scoreboard to go with that headdress? Now we know it’s really not easy to be a beauty queen.

4. Miss Great Britain

Miss Great Britain

Was it just us or is there really something missing in her costume? Maybe Miss Great Britain Grace Levy was in a rush and she couldn’t find her pants so she just strutted onto the stage anyway. This could just be a wardrobe malfunction alright. But kudos to Grace, she was able to carry it all off with dignity. Way to go girl!

5. Miss Philippines

Miss Philippines

It’s a nice little garden of flowers that Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa got on her gown – except that she looks like a wedding cake topper in it. Maybe she’s just trying to complete the ensemble, given the fact that she wore something that resembles a wedding gown for a night gown during the semis. At times, you just have to understand the whole picture to appreciate.

6. Miss Curacao

Miss Curacao

It may actually look good, even the fruits. But the thing that made things wrong again was that huge necklace that Miss Curacao Laurien Angelista has got hanging from her neck. Everything else was forgivable – but not that. So would it be too much if we ask that she remove it please? And now?

7. Miss Switzerland

Miss Switzerland

Okay. Miss Switzerland Laetitia Guarino does look like a goddess. But for a competition where all the girls are wearing outrageous and crazy national costumes, there she was walking with a less than flattering white dress. Really, she could have done just a little bit better. But then again, we also can’t blame her for not trying, can we?

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