Remembering the Golden Era: A Trip Down Memory Lane for Culture Enthusiasts

person holding vinyl records

The text highlights the appeal of the Golden Era and the importance of reliving its cultural moments. It mentions the nostalgic experience of playing online poker, which was a popular activity that brought people together during that time. It also emphasizes the impact of the fashion, music, films, and art from that era, suggesting that … Read more

12 Different Types of Tubas

Tubas are some of the most recognizable musical instruments in the world. Their thundering, low-pitched tones are an essential part of many different types of music and can be heard in everything from classical and operatic compositions to modern jazz and movie soundtracks. There is no such thing as ‘the tuba’; rather, the word tuba … Read more

13 Different Types of Trombones

The trombone is one of the most widely used of all the brass musical instruments. Valued for its ‘vocal’ and unique tonal qualities, most trombones are played by the musician vibrating their lips while blowing into a mouthpiece and manipulating a telescoping slide to change notes and pitch. The trombone is the only member of … Read more

The Best Songs of 2015

Are you a music fanatic? Then you must have known what songs made it to the charts every week. Here is a compiled list of songs that made it big this year. Check out if your favorite tune and artist made it to this list of the best songs of 2015. 10. Take Me to … Read more

10 Longest Running Number 1 Hip Hop Songs on Billboard

Lose Yourself

Hip-hop music has created such a huge following that it is quite impossible to see them lacking in the Top 40 music hits of Billboard. These songs are the best achievers in the hip-hop music genre of all time. We’re sure you are familiar with these hits: 10. Irreplaceable by Beyonce Weeks on #1 – … Read more

Top 10 Songs of 2014

talk dirty - Jason Derulo

Songs will always play a good part in every person’s life. Today’s songs maybe different from how it was in the previous decades, but it’s actually the evolution of tunes that make listening always a different yet wonderful experience. Here are the ones that made it into this year’s Top 10 songs. 10. Problem by … Read more

Top 10 piano brands

Well known throughout the world as a popular musical instrument with keyboard, a piano is widely used in classical, jazz and various other music, especially when it comes to solo performances. Even with its portability issues and expensiveness, ever since its invention in the early 1700s, the piano has become one of most familiar musical … Read more

Top 10 Renowned Guitar Brands under $500


Are you looking for an awesome guitar without going over budget? If you only have $500 to spend but you want the one from renowned brand, what would you go for? You can go searching for the prices in popular guitar magazines but there’s no avail! Chances are you might end up getting depressed out … Read more

Top 10 famous musicians who died at earlier age

Buddy Holly died at early age

The Music, the thing that expresses the inexpressible, has certainly passed through hectic developments and revolutions. The musical world itself has seen many legendary stars in its course. There have been such musicians, who’ve given music a distinct recognition and influenced its identity leaving their mark forever. They have gifted us the music, never to … Read more