Will Kanye West’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton usher in a new era of respect for hip hop among luxury brands?

by: Jennifer D. Carroll Looks like your boy Kanye is positioning himself for a full fledged takeover of the fashion industry and by the looks of things that takeover is starting in some unlikely circles. While everyone who truly cares has already  heard word about Nike’s partnership with Ye in form of the upcoming release … Read more

Mecca Girls

Mecca is a denim driven clothing company that was started in 1995. The brand name quickly gained notoriety with their fashion forward sense of style.   Mecca is known to be the uniform of urban youth, as well as the hip hop nation. They have items such as Mecca Girls Bejeweled Belted Skinny Jeans – … Read more

A King Of Oneself, Rapper TI Launches AKOO Clothing Line

AKOO Clothing Available HERE photo – Akoo Clothing Debuting earlier in 2008 at the MAGIC Fashion Convention, AKOO clothing by rapper Clifford Harris aka T.I. gained much buzz in the street wear culture. Facing court issues currently himself, the rapper’s media attention leave his face and clothing line logo on television screens across America daily. … Read more