Hip-Hop Clothing Site Founder Might Sell Google′s Top Hip-Hop Fashion Domain

Hip-Hop clothing pioneer and young entrepreneur Rodrick Rainey founded what has become one of Google’s top ranked resources for Urban Fashion and trends. Entertaining millions of people with his Hip-Hop clothing industry news site over the past 6 years and helping brands get a view of what youth are thinking, the young entrepreneur thinks its … Read more

Rocawear Clothing, Jay-Z, and Iconix Brand Sued Over I Will Not Lose Campaign

Rocawear Clothing, Rocawear founder Jay-Z, and Iconix Brand Group are being sued for copyright infringement, over the use of a slogan say reports. It’s claimed that Rocawear used the phrase “I Will Not Lose” during an advertising campaign, but the slogan was previously trademarked by clothing line I Will Not Lose, LLC. Although Jay-Z sold … Read more

Nike Dunks a Slam Dunk in 2008 Sneaker Culture and Hip-Hop Trends

Nike Dunks were originally created for basketball in the 1980s. Making a more comfort-oriented sneaker for Skate boarders in 2002, Nike SB Dunks were released to test the growing inner-city skater audience. Two rather similar markets, built from groups about expression and rebellion, the Nike SB Dunk sneaker conquered with a viral spread. Over Six … Read more

Snoop Dogg Unveils ′Rich & Infamous′ Clothing Line at 2008 Magic Fashion Trade Show

Snoop Dogg has announced the launch of his own fashion label, called ‘Rich & Infamous’. Snoop joins a long line of ‘entrepreneurial’ celebs who have released clothing lines, including his hip-hop colleague P Diddy. Snoop has been promoting it on his reality TV show ‘Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood’. The range will be streetwear aimed at … Read more

WNBA Washington Mystic Players Tamara James And Nikki Blue Want Womens Hip Hop Clothing Sponsors

Apple Bottoms, Lady Enyce, Rocawear, and other Hip Hop clothing brands have just been made an offer to become sponsors of a new fashion market. Professional basketball players Tamara James and Nikki Blue of the Washington Mystics want WNBA players to start seeing endorsements from Hip Hop inspired clothing brands. James, who refers to Blue … Read more