The 4 Most Dangerous Islands

Papua New Guinea We all know the image of screaming, blood-red burned humans being cooked on a cauldron with a huge open fire underneath. Surrounded by local tribesmen with outfits that don’t leave anything to the imagination. The sound of synchronically pounding sticks on the hot earthy ground to call the gods. Meanwhile humming a … Read more

13 Different Types of Rivers

At their most basic, rivers are geographical phenomena which cause fresh water to move through dry land from one place to another, usually as part of a natural drainage system. Every continent on Earth, including Antarctica, has rivers. There are no hard and fast rules regarding what actually constitutes a river. The word ‘river’ is, … Read more

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Accident Rate

Accidents do happen. However, they happen more frequently in some places than most. If you’re interested in knowing which countries have a relatively high accident rate so you can save yourself the trouble, continue reading. These are the places where accidents occur a bit too often. 10. Thailand Annual fatalities on road accidents: 24,200 If … Read more

10 Countries with Shockingly High Immigration Rate

Would you still be comfortable living in your own nation if it comes to a point when there were more foreigners walking on your home land than there were natural-born citizens? Some very nationalistic nations would definitely go ballistic on the idea. But there definitely are nations around the world where natural-born citizens are classified … Read more

Top 10 Americas Best Value Inn

Lazy J Ranch

Americas Best Value Inn is a popular chain of accommodations that offers budget-friendly stays. They have many branches across the country offering accommodation with breakfast and amenities for as low as $50/ nigh and up.   10. Tunica Resorts America’s Best Value Inn in Tunica Resorts has a really good location. It is right off … Read more

Top 10 Countries with the highest Recorded Crime Rate


One study says that the crime rate of a certain country says a lot about its economic stability and development. There are many government programs and non-profit organizations that campaigns to stop violence and crime all over the globe. The United Nations accumulates data every year to tally the crime rate of each country all … Read more

Top 10 Countries with Solid Disaster Management System


Disaster comes when least expected. In many countries around the world, disasters are treated as part of their nation’s existence. As such, they focus greatly on mitigating the risks involved with every disaster so that in the event that they do arise, the government is more than ready to handle the situation. Here are the … Read more