9 Most Expensive Office Chairs

Office chairs are an important necessity to have in an office or meeting space. These items not only help to make sitting for long periods of time comfortable, but they usually come with many features as well, especially if they are a little pricey. Below you’ll discover more about office chairs and some important things … Read more

20 Different Types of Tape

Tape is one of those products that most of us don’t think about until we need it. Thankfully, as we usually won’t use a whole roll of tape on any single project, there is usually a partially used roll sitting around somewhere, at which point we know that it is time to buy more tape. … Read more

8 Different Types of Desk Chairs

In many offices and workspaces today, the desk chair is one of the most vital pieces of equipment to have. They not only help to provide comfort when working on strenuous projects but can keep your body supported to prevent back pain and other common problems caused by sitting for too long. What many might be … Read more

21 Different Types of Card Tables

For anyone who loves to gather around the table and play games with loved ones, a card table is a necessary piece of home furniture. Card tables are designed for game-playing and make the ideal addition to any party or get-together. This type of table will provide a place for players to gather around, get … Read more

13 Different Types of Safes

Safes are one of the most aptly named items on the planet. Used in banks and businesses, by the government, and in many people’s homes, they are what we put our most valuable items in to, literally, keep them safe from theft, damage from fire and the elements, and in some cases deterioration. Safes come … Read more

16 Different Types of Marble

Marble is a rock, which can be found in quarries all over the world. Different types of marble come from different areas and are classified based on composition, color, and finish. Marble comes in a variety of colors, so if you are looking for a way to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, floor, or walls in … Read more

4 Different Alternatives to Screen Doors

Many homeowners have screen doors installed in their residences. Screen doors keep insects and other pests from entering your home at times when the exterior door is open. So, when the weather is warm in the summer months, you can open the door, keeping the screen door closed, and allow air to circulate throughout your … Read more

4 Different Alternatives to Ear Plugs

In instances when you need to block out the sounds around you to enjoy some peace and quiet, ear plugs are an easy solution. Ear plugs sit just inside of the ear cavity and minimize your ability to hear outside sounds. People everywhere count on ear plugs to get to sleep, reduce stress, and achieve … Read more

13 Different Types of Rubber

It is very hard for a person to get through their day to day life without interacting with rubber in some way. Rubber is used in the manufacture of thousands of different products; everything from tires and the soles of shoes, to spatulas and basketballs. Most people start using rubber products at a very early … Read more

15 Different Types of Foyer Tables

types of foyer tables

A foyer table is the ideal piece of accent furniture to make your home feel welcoming and complete. Instead of having an empty entryway, you can place a foyer table in your front hallway for visual interest. This type of table is not only attractive, but also functional, and some varieties even offer storage space. … Read more