What could represent the finer things in life better than caviar?  The exclusive symbol of indulgence has now been swept off your dining table and into your wardrobe. Of course, in the form of streetwear’s finest and the label is known as Cavi.  Although it’s a true American brand, Cavi has a fine mix of diverse cultures from exotic places across the earth: The Philippines, Haiti and Russia.

Started off in 2004 by trio Phil Gapud, Danny Victor and Nathan Krivo, then newcomers in the glitz and glamor of urban fashion, the label wasn’t exactly the label that came from a bunch of designers.  In fact, Phil and Danny met when interning at Motown/Universal Records in NYC.  They might not know the difference between culture and couture, but these are the gentlemen who breathe and live the word ‘fly’, an essential factor to look hot in urban clothing.  Nathan Krivo who was already making his mark on the fashion industry working with different accessories lines and manufacturing companies, completed the trio.

Phil Gapud and Danny Victor, Co-Founders, CAVI

With such diverse backgrounds—Filipino, Haitian, and Russian—the line was destined for a wider market. Instead of “thinking inside the box” and producing run of the mill t-shirts, the three young men devised a plan to launch CAVI with custom-designed, military styled shirts.  This attempt to create a buzz for the line proved to be successful and was a major move in the right direction for the company.

The new entrepreneurs attempted to launch CAVI with custom-designed, military-styled shirts.  Their magic touch was a brilliant strategy, and streetwear enthusiasts welcomed Cavi and easily putting the brand atop their minds, making it the first choice for custom-designed military-styled shirts.  Cavi wasn’t meant to stay in the US, and thanks to the diverse background of its owners, the brand soon got recognition from the international world.  However, you’re never ‘somebody’ until Hollywood sees you, and Cavi was seen, worn and supported by Hollywood’s biggest names.  Akon, Fabolous , Chris Brown, T.I. are only a few who appreciate the keen workmanship in every Cavi product.

Akon in Cavi
Fabolous in Cavi

Observe Cavi’s products and you’ll find that every product is almost obsessively made with its thorough attention to details.  All the military patches and military insignia are custom made and fitted to the shirts.  Furthermore, Cavi’s snaps, buttons and medals are hand-made in a process resembling jewelry making. Cavi uses only 24K gold for its premium merchandize. The three founders of Cavi label have precise roles in the company. Phil Gapud is Head Designer & Director of Marketing, Nathan Krivosheyev is Director of Production and Danny Victor is Director of Sales and Operations.

Cavi has also been covered and featured in many publications such as Urb, People, Complex, YRB, ESPN Magazine, 411 Japan. Cavi garments took the spot light on MTV, BET and HBO. In 2010, the spotlight hits hard for Cavi’s long-awaited initial collection for women, and to many’s surprise, the label pulled off sexiness while maintaining its signature military style. Adrienne Baillon and Teyana Taylor were the female celebs chosen to represent the new Cavi collection at its debut back in April.

Cavi is present in many stores in the US and Japan. Recently, the brand’s collections are distributed through Macys. However, if you are in a haste and want some military gear you can order online at various stores including DrJays.

Cavi Fall 2009 Collection
Cavi Fall 2009 Collection


Good news to all the fashionable men out there who love to be at the height of masculine fashion. Now it is easy to impress your girl and be the envy of all your friends with the elegant collections of apparels from Cavi. It is just apt that Cavi earns the title “The Masculine World in the Fashion Industry” as it offers apparels specially designed for men who love fashion while maintaining their quiet dignity and sophistication.

Cavi, a unique clothing company, was offers the promise of having a wide array of products that spell of creativity, style and quiet distinction. The company specially caters to the needs of sophisticated men who are into urban fashion. They not only promise their millions of clients the comfort, but also the quiet classiness and elegance with the lines of apparels that Cavi brings. With this, the company name has become an iconic legend and is setting the trend in men’s fashion industry.

Popular Collections

Truly the highly acclaimed trendsetter for men’s fashion, Cavi leads the men’s clothing lines. Their collection includes men’s polo shirts, jeans, blazers and vests, hoodies, jackets and coats, pants, shirts, shorts, suits, sweaters, and thermals. The company also takes pride in their wide array of collections such as Air Force Collection, Army Collection, Navy Collection, Special Ops Collection and Suits Separates Collection. Cavi is truly the company that offers the complete line of men’s apparel that would definitely go with the latest fashion of today. All of their collection of apparels spells of comfort, elegance and style blended with definite masculinity and exudes quiet disposition.

Be in the “In” Crowd

Cavi ensures that they do not lag behind in the introduction of latest trends in masculine fashion. Dress to impress and be savvy with Cavi! Regardless of your position or station in life, Cavi has all the right and specific designs for you. Set the trend of the high level of men’s fashion with Cavi’s unique creations. They are always ready to be of service to their clients.

You’ll definitely become the center of attention when you sport the latest designer clothes from Cavi. So check their selections online today and be amazed of the exquisite arrays of their wide collection of men’s apparel.

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