8 Fascinating And Charming Blue Eyed Dogs

Blue eyed dogs-After looking at any dog people usually say awww! However, you will find something new and spectacular about the dogs who possess blue eyes. It makes us so attractive that we cannot resist ourselves staring at them. They have the potential to catch the attention of humans than those brown-eyes dogs.

But do you know which dogs have blue eyes? How many breeds of such dogs exist in the world? We will here give an explanation for such questions. Here we are with the list of blue eyed dogs that you will surely love to have them as a pet. Here we also bring a list of most beautiful dogs as conventionally attractive.

List of blue eyed dogs

Siberian Husky

8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Siberian husky

They are commonly known as blue-eyed and multi-shade eyed dogs that possess a wolf-like structure. After looking in their eyes you will simply utter a word wow! Only some Siberian Huskies possess this gene. They are graceful, athletic, and powerful dogs originated in Asia by Chuchki People. They usually possess blue eyes with light shade coats.

Australian Shepherd

8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Australian Shepherd

It is all about the action of Australian Shepherds. This breed originated in the States that helped ranchers and herd all day. They make use of their skills very efficiently to have control of their livestock. They are beautiful blue-eye shaded dogs inherited traits genetically. Other dogs of this category feature brown, amber, blue, or a combination of other mixed breeds of dogs.


8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Dalmatian

Dalmatians are famous for their astounding appearance. It is easy to identify these fighting canines with the help of a polka-dotted coat in addition to regal features. They are very rarely found dogs on this earth’s surface. Also, it is also a warning sign their these dogs are about to extinct. The eyes of these dogs are associated with deafness. Thus many people discourage having these dogs.

German Shepherd

8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs German Shepherd

German Shepherds are intelligent, active, and loyal dogs. Some of these dogs possess blue eyes due to genetic anomaly. Some of these dogs even have traditional markings and thus they are known as Blue German Shepherds. Color variation in eyes of German Shepherds is very common by the recessive genes. In humans too, this variation is very common these days.


8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Dachshund

No one can resist looking at those stunning blue eyes of Dachshund. These dogs are found very rarely. They can cause many dangers that people are generally not aware of them. These dogs possess the default shade of eyes to be brown. These are tough and determined dogs that originated in Germany. They were bred to hunt and work underground.


8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Weimaraner

It is the blue eyeshade of Weimaraner that turns them to be having blue eyes along with the attractive silver-grey coat. It is the unique feature that hardly you would found in some other dogs. Not it is a pure shade of their eyes to be blue because many of these breed dogs have greyish brown eyes. These dogs are also bred in Germany for hunting animals.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Cardigan Welsh Corgi

This dog is the star pupil of obedience that got typically bred to complete and manage farm duties. Also, they possess a strong drive for some dog-related sports. These dogs possess short legs but have amazing eyes shade. They are available in distinctive coat shades including brindle, red, sable, black, and blue. These are all astonishing. There would be no doubt in mind once you meet them for being quick and agile.

Border Collie

8 Fascinating and Charming Blue eyed Dogs Border Collie

These dogs fall in a category for being the most intelligent breeds of all dogs. Many people believe that they possess a crystal clear blue shaded eyes. People believe that these dogs came from Husky ancestors which is not true. It was like an asset for Border Collies to have two different shades of eyes.