10 Different Types of Nose Rings

Nose rings are often sought out by many thanks to their unique and bold style. Because of this, there are many options available to choose from which can make shopping for a nose ring a bit difficult. Below you’ll discover more behind the different varieties of nose rings and some other interesting information about them to ensure you invest in the right one for your style and budget.

What are Nose Rings?

Nose rings are a fixture that one can place in their nose. They come in various styles and can be placed in different locations on the nose. This form of jewelry is often worn as a way to be stylish or even to connect with one’s culture.

How are Nose Piercings Done?

Nose piercings are done by taking a long skinny needle and then placing it in your nostril where you’d like to have the piercing located. The piercer doing the job will usually clean the area with sanitizing liquid to ensure any bacteria or dead skin cells are removed before the piercing is done.

Most piercers will use a special sterilized gauge needle which has a sharp pointed end to help it easily pass through your skin. Many feature a hollow interior which helps the skin to pierce easier and without much force which can be painful. These needles are usually constructed of hypoallergenic materials, like titanium.

In addition to a needle, some piercers might also use a piercing gun. However, these aren’t always the most accurate as they are larger and might make it difficult for the piercer to see the area. Despite this, some piercers still prefer these guns as they are easier to hold and tend to be a little faster.

Are Nose Piercings Painful?

Nose piercings are a bit painful due to there being many different nerves in your nose which can be shocked when they are pierced. While the pain won’t be excruciating, it will cause you to be a little uncomfortable. Many often claim that their eyes water due to the sinuses around the nose piercing being a little irritated.

How Long Does it Take for a Nose Piercing to Heal?

While the amount of healing time will vary for your nose piercing, most of the time, it will fully heal after about four to six months. This is because the piercing is put into your nose’s cartilage which tends to be a very sensitive area.

However, if you get a septum piercing, it usually only takes about six to eight weeks to heal as this piercing is placed in a fleshier area of the nose.

To help your nose piercing heal faster, make sure to wear a nose ring consistently to help the area adjust to this new addition and always clean it to prevent infections.

Keep in mind that sometimes because these piercings are in a sensitive area, it could lead to a little blood in your nose, scars, or even strange discharge.

Taking Care of Your Nose Piercing and Nose Ring

It’s important to make sure you take good care of your nose piercing and nose ring. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep Them Clean

You always want to make sure to keep your nose ring and nose piercing clean at all times. This will help to prevent bacteria from spreading which can lead to a filthy nose ring and even an infection.

To clean your nose ring, you can simply run it under warm water and dry it off. For a more intense clean, you can also use a sterile saline liquid to soak your nose ring in to ensure bacteria on it is destroyed.

If you prefer to not do this intricate cleaning yourself, there are plenty of special nose ring sprays which you can apply to the jewelry to help clean it off. You can also spray it around the area where the piercing is to help prevent bacteria growth on the skin.

Wash Your Hands Before Applying the Nose Ring

It might not seem like a big deal, but washing your hands can help to keep your nose ring and the area you insert it in clean. Your hands can carry around dirt and bacteria which can be transferred to your piercing. Because of this, it’s ideal to wash your hands.

Use Essential Oils on the Area

Essential oils can actually help to heal the piercing area quickly if you’ve just gotten it and prevent bacteria from spreading as they are antibacterial. In addition to this, essential oils are also very soothing and moisturizing so they will help keep the skin around the piercing hydrated. Some of the best essential oils to consider using are tea tree oil and lavender. However, keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, essential oils could irritate it. Because of this, it’s a good idea to be cautious if you plan to use them.

Types of Nose Rings

Types of Nose Piercings

There are three different types of nose piercings you can have done.


A nostril nose piercing is one of the most common types used as it’s simple. This piercing is placed in the fleshy area on the side of your nostril and tends to be a little painful when first pierced.


A septum nose piercing is one that is placed in the middle of the nostrils. This piercing involves a long needle being poked between the septum, which is located toward the front section of your nose. Because of its position, the needle usually misses cartilage which can result in less pain and quicker healing time.


A bridge nose piercing is one that is placed in the skin on the very top of the nose, usually between the eyes. It can hold a large nose ring that goes across the width or length of the nose.

Because this is a surface piercing, it tends to be easily rejected by the body which means it could cause severe problems, like irritations and infections. However, because it mainly goes through the thin piece of skin on the bridge of your nose, it’s not usually as painful as a nostril nose piercing.

Benefits of Wearing Nose Rings

There are actually quite a few benefits that come with wearing a nose ring. Below are some interesting ones.

They are Stylish

A nose ring is a very stylish piece of jewelry that often comes in various designs so everyone can find one that matches their preferences perfectly.

It Can Help You to Connect Culturally

Another great benefit of a nose ring is that it can help you to connect with various cultures. Many around the world, such as those in India and Africa, often use nose rings as a symbol of fertility, boldness, and wealth.

It Can Help with Health Issues

Surprisingly, nose rings can help with healing some health issues. It’s often believed that the piercings can help with female reproductive health and even menstrual pain. Some even claim that certain nose piercings can work as an acupuncture treatment which can help calm the nerves in various areas in the body, such as your back.

What to Consider Before Using a Nose Ring

Before you use a nose ring or have a nose piercing done, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

The Design

You should be sure to keep the design of the nose ring in mind. While some designs might be attractive to you, they may not be the most comfortable to wear. They might also be a bit difficult to put in your nose depending on the area of where the piercing is. Due to these aspects, it’s important to consider the design of a nose ring to make sure it’s not only comfortable to wear, but easy to put in and take out.

The Location

As mentioned above, nose rings can be placed in a few different places. Because of this, you’ll want to carefully consider the location of your nose ring. This will help to not only make it comfortable to wear, but prevent it from getting in the way and being a hassle.

The Material

The material of the nose ring should also be considered. Many of these pieces of jewelry come in various types.

  • Glass

Glass is a unique material for nose rings and is quite rare. Because of this, it might be difficult to find. However, most glass nose rings are very durable and usually come in various color designs making this ideal for those who want a unique nose ring. Glass also tends to be very smooth making it easy to apply into the piercing and comfortable to wear. It’s also friendly to use with sensitive skin.

  • Titanium

Titanium is also ideal for those who have sensitive skin. In addition to this, titanium is anti-corrosive and is yet another comfortable material. Many also believe that titanium has quite a few healing benefits which include pain relief.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is not only durable, but it tends to be a very affordable nose ring material. It also is usually coated with a special layer of chromium which works to prevent the steel from rusting. However, if you’re looking for a unique material for your nose ring this isn’t usually the best choice as it’s a very common option.

  • Sterling silver

While similar to stainless steel, sterling silver is 92% pure silver with a mixture of copper and sterling alloy. This type of silver is known to never tarnish meaning it will keep its brilliant shine. In addition to this, sterling silver has antibacterial properties which can help to prevent bacterial growth in and around your piercing. Sterling silver also tends to heat up areas quickly which can encourage better circulation where your nose ring is.

  • Platinum

Platinum is very similar to silver except it tends to be much shinier and is extremely smooth making it comfortable to insert into your piercing. This material is also extremely durable and is safe to use on sensitive skin.

In addition to this, the particles in platinum are believed to hold anti-aging properties meaning that wearing a platinum nose ring could help you look more youthful.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic nose rings are usually made of a hard piece of plastic or a similar type of synthetic resin. Because of this, it tends to be one of the more durable nose ring materials. It’s also very inexpensive making it ideal for those who are on a budget.

  • Bioplast

This material is one of the newest types available on the market. Designed out of plastic, it’s usually sterilized which can help to prevent infections and allergic reactions because it’s free from metal particles.

Bioplast is a very flexible material making it perfect for those who want to adjust their nose ring to look a certain way. It also tends to help the area around the piercing heal quickly as it prevents inflammation.

Bioplast comes in a clear design meaning it can help to make your nose ring look almost transparent if you don’t want it to stand out much. However, there are bioplast nose rings that come in numerous colors so everyone can find something that matches their preferences.

  • Gold

Gold is a stylish yet expensive choice and usually comes in either yellow or white options. Many gold nose rings range from 10 to 24 karats meaning it’s very durable and will last you for many years. In addition to looking fashionable, gold nose rings also have some interesting health benefits which include improving circulation, helping to prevent infections, and even sometimes relieving pain.

Keep in mind though that gold can be harmful to sensitive skin and even cause some irritation to those who don’t usually have skin problems. Because of this, it’s often recommended that you wait to wear a gold nose ring until the nose piercing has completely healed so you can test it out.

Besides checking the different materials to find the right option, you also want to make sure you don’t have an allergy to various material types. For instance, some might have a bit of an irritation to stainless steel or gold. This can cause something small, like redness around your piercing, to more intense problems, like severe swelling and pain. Due to this, it’s very important to make sure you invest in a hypoallergenic choice if necessary.

If You Want it Customized

Sometimes you can order a customized nose ring. If you decide to go this route, you’ll need to talk your plans over with a piercer who will draw out your design to make sure it’s what you want. You’ll then be able to pick the material, width, and style of the nose ring. Keep in mind though that this option can be a little pricey.

The Side of the Nose You Plan to Keep the Ring In

Many often believe that a nose ring will fit either side of your nose. While some might be interchangeable, most nose rings will be made to either fit into your left or right side. For instance, if you plan to have a nose ring for the right side of your nose, the rod should bend to the left. If you want to have the nose ring on the left side of your nose, the rod should turn to the right. This is meant to be a way to help the nose ring better secure itself into your nose and so it looks presentable.

The Size of the Nose Ring

You should also consider the size of the nose ring as they will vary. Many will either be very small while others can have a width of up to one inch. This is important to consider as you need to make sure the nose ring will work well for wherever your piercing is placed.

Different Types of Rings for Noses

Captive Bead Nose Ring

Types of Nose rings

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A captive bead nose ring is one that is circular in design and usually has a small jewel or decoration embedded into it. This type of nose ring typically is a full circle both inside and outside your nose which may or may not be comfortable to some. However, due to this design, the nose ring can easily be adjusted to different angles without you needing to remove it. One thing to consider though is that captive bead nose rings could be a little difficult to open, so you might need to have special ring opening pliers on hand.

Captive bead nose rings usually come in various designs making this ideal for those who want a wide variety of options. Some also might be bent in unique shapes, like hearts.

Fishtail Nose Ring

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This type of nose ring is a long metal bar that is usually bent by a piercer after they measure your nose. This customizable option is a little pricey, but it ensures the nose ring fits perfectly for your needs. After taking measurements of your nose, your piercer will then be able to discuss some of the best options for your fishtail nose ring. After designing your dream nose ring, they will then either bend the rod to have a screw shape or L-shape depending on your preferences. A fishtail nose ring is ideal for those who want to customize their nose ring and don’t mind investing a little in it.

Gemstone Nose Ring

types of nose rings

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A gemstone nose ring features a small gemstone in the middle of it. Most gemstone nose rings can be customized so they feature the jewel of your choice. These are a little pricey, especially depending on the gemstone you choose, but they are distinctive and elegant. Many can also be mixed with a variety of different gemstones to make a colorful and beautiful design.

The shape of the gemstone nose ring can vary and can be made to be circular or flat. While many can have a curved or L-shaped rod on the end to help keep it secure in your nose, most use a stud.

Hoop Nose Ring

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A hoop nose ring is similar to a captive bead nose ring except that it extends a little more out of the nose and doesn’t always contain a decorative piece on it. There is a small built-in stud on the edge of the ring which helps to keep it supported in your nose. While these rings usually are made out of metallic materials, there are a few options that are made out of acrylic or bioplast.

Because of their design, many hoop nose rings often look similar to finger rings. You’ll find everything from twisted gold options to a flat shiny piece that rests on the outer edge of your nose.

L-Shaped Nose Ring

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An L-shaped nose ring looks exactly like its name implies. It has a long L-shaped body which is connected to a small jewel. The L-shaped rod is designed to help make it a bit easier to insert into your nostril and prevent your nasal passage from being slightly obstructed. Most L-shaped nose rings will have a small built-in bead at the end of the rod to help keep it secure in your nose. However, there are some options that have an additional stud to attach to the end.

L-shaped nose rings are usually constructed out of stainless steel and feature a small gem on the end of them. This also tends to be a very affordable nose ring.

Labret Nose Ring

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This is a small nose ring option as it has about a centimeter long stud with a flat disk on the end which goes into your nasal cavity. On the top is a type of design which will be displayed on the surface of your nose. This option is typically used with nostril piercings and is somewhat easy to put in. However, getting the flat disk to secure itself to the stud can be a little tricky.

Because of its design it might be a little uncomfortable for some to wear. Despite this, it’s ideal for those who want to have a decorative nose ring as you can often customize this type with jewels and charms.

Nose Bone Ring

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This nose ring can be used with almost every type of nose piercing and consists of a long rod with a design, usually a gemstone, on the top. The rod can be inserted into your piercing where it’s able to stay in place thanks to a small built-in circular bead at the end. Due to its length, it might be a little irritating for some to wear, especially if your nose piercing has recently been done. It also extends a bit longer into your nose which might feel a little strange for some. Despite this, it’s one of the easiest nose rings to put in and take out.

Nostril Screw Nose Ring

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A nostril screw nose ring is one of the most popular nose ring types. The rod has a slight curve in it which helps to keep it secure in your nose. This one-inch curve also requires you to insert it into your nose with a slight twisting motion although this isn’t as painful as it might sound. However, sometimes this curve can be customized depending on your preferences.

The top of this nose ring has a large design which comes in various styles. This ranges from embedded gemstones to solid metal designs.

Most recommend that unless you have a fully healed piercing, it’s best to stay away from a nostril screw nose ring because it could cause some irritations due to its twisting design.

Septum Clickers Nose Ring

types of nose rings

Source: Body Candy

Septum clickers nose rings are a somewhat new style available. They feature a horseshoe-like design which has various patterns engraved into it. This nose ring will give you a bold look and is ideal for those who want a trendy style. Most septum clickers come in many different designs in addition to patterns, including snakes, anchors, and animals. Unlike other nose piercings, most septum nose rings are not painful to insert as they don’t pass through cartilage. These nose rings are typically made of metal though, so for those who have allergies to it, this might not be the best choice.

Fake Nose Ring

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If you’re still not sure whether you want to have a piercing done, you can try out a fake nose ring instead. They look very similar to traditional nose rings, except they don’t require a piercing. To keep it secure to your nose, they have a very small opening which helps to keep it in place. Because of this, it might not be the most comfortable type to wear as it can feel like it’s pinching your skin.

Keep in mind that most fake nose rings don’t usually come in numerous designs. Many also are made of either plastic or metal. Because of this, you’ll be limited in the styles and materials you can choose from.