Diggy Simmons Showing Chivalrous Culture To Fans

This just in:  Diggy Simmons is teasing us all with pictures of a sneaker on his Twitter.

Wait, here’s the front look.  Maroon leather top with lacquer combination.

Diggy might not mention it in his tweet, but he did mention it via live chat that the shoe is one of his upcoming sneaker line, “Chivalrous Culture”, which -according to Diggy’s chat with us– will be launched at the last quarter of this year.  In fact, Diggy showed one more Chivalrous Culture shoe (actually he showed two: the suede gray and the leather black, but we missed the black one!) via live streaming.

There you go, the logo on the box.  It is Diggy’s upcoming shoe line, Chivalrous Culture.

So, from the looks of it: the variety of materials, the colorways and the design of the fly hi-tops, do you think Chivalrous Culture will be the next it thing?

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