How To Check Your Dog’s Pulse, Respiration, and Temperature

What are the normal dog vital signs that you must know? People like to keep pets at home, and it is also essential to keep them active and healthy. Dogs are one of the pets that people want to stay at home. Dogs are fantastic animals, and they have a sound immune system; they need some care from their owners. Dogs also perform many habits as humans act in their daily life. These vital signs can lead to their ill health, and you can check at home by playing some procedures. It is essential to ensure every sign of your pet routinely, and you can quickly check them at your home by using some basic tricks. And it’s also vital to make sure you have a trusted vet handy and reliable dog insurance if you end up noticing something is wrong.

Normal Dog Vital Signs

Mucous Membrane Color

Dog Vital Signs That You Need To Know

Usually, the color of the oral mucosa in dogs is pale pink. If you see that your dog has pale or white gums, then your dog may be facing poor perfusion, dehydration, or anemia. If the color is intense red (hyperemic), they indicate congestion or dehydration, common in heatstroke. Yellowish or jaundiced mucous membranes indicate liver problems or hemolytic anemia. It is perilous if they are bluish or cyanotic, suggesting a lack of oxygen in the blood. This color means hypoventilation or poor diffusion at the alveolar level: airway obstruction, lung edema, tetralogy of Fallot, or severe heart failure.

In addition, if you want to explore the mucous membranes of your dogs, you must know that some breeds present pigmentation and can have part of the gum, lip, or tongue of natural dark color. This is usually seen in the Chow Chow, Akita Inu, or Shar-Pei, even in mongrels or other breeds, so don’t worry.

How to check your dog’s temperature at home


It is straightforward to check your dog’s temperature, and it can get done by uploading a thermometer in a dog’s ear. Then you can quickly check their temperature that reaches visible on a thermometer. You can use a new rectal thermometer, which is electrical, and heat will get visible on the top of mercury. It is easier to read the temperature from a rectal thermometer rather than a glass thermometer. You can insert a thermometer in their ear very easily by asking your dog to behave gently in ethical behavior. Then slowly insert a thermometer in their ear, and then you can take reading easily. 

You need to keep the thermostat for two minutes, and then you can read the reading given on the thermometer. The average temperature of a dog is the same as that of cats; the thermometer should read 100 to 102.5-degree Fahrenheit. Then that means your dog is completely healthy, but if this reading is low or high, that means your dog is not well, and the dog needs to get treated by a particular doctor. 

How to take a reading of the heartbeat of a dog

Dog Vital Signs That You Need To Know

It is essential to take a reading of your dog’s heartbeat because dogs come in many shapes and sizes. Dogs consist of varying pulses rates, and an owner needs to judge which healthy heartbeat of their dog is and which is not reasonable to them. It would help if you had a stopwatch that could easily predict any dog’s normal and uneven heartbeat. Small dogs and puppies have fast heartbeats; they have heart rates of 120 to 160 beats per minute, but larger ones have slower pulses because of functional physical.

The usual range of heartbeat is around 60 to 100 for larger dogs. From home, it is possible to measure the heart rate of dogs. You can feel a dog’s pulse at a hind leg, and then you can feel a pulse on both parts quickly. Another way to measure the heart rate of your dog is by putting your palm of your hand on the left side to appreciate the heartbeat of the dog and count how many pulses you feel in 15 seconds, then increase by 4 to get the number of beats per minute. It is easy to check the heart rate on both pieces of the body. 

How to take a rating of the respiratory rate of your dog

Dog Vital Signs That You Need To Know

It is effortless to count the respiratory rate at any time of your dog. Mainly, the dogs’ breathing price is around 10 to 35 times per minute. It is possible to rely on any dog’s chest movements to take a stopwatch and observe for one minute; then, you can easily count their respiratory rate. 

Ensure their treatment at good hospitals

It is easy to make their checkups at home while they perform any vital signs. But if you find that uneven, then you must take them to doctors. It is essential to take them to doctors because they may get sicker after showing these vital signs. It would help if you also kept some standard medicines at home to give them temporary treatment at home.

How to treat your dog at home