Dope Couture

The boys of Dope Couture

Although Dope Couture is a newcomer created by graphic designer Chris MartMike Schmidt, salesman Edan Boukai and company director Matt Fields, Dope Couture is doing quite well in the fashion business. For the first few months and throughout the preparation of the look book, Dope Couture has also been known to collaborate with other fashion labels such as Motivation and Naledge.

Still fresh in the clothing business, Dope Couture produces quality and comfortable clothing with mild touches of edgy and simply classic designs. Also one of the most looked out for new brands, DC proves their versatility in being able to produce not only clothing but stylish accessories as well as stickers and backpacks.

Dope Couture in Stores

Dope Couture produces a line of men and women’s wear in a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, hoodies and jeans. They also provide accessories such as stickers, decks, beanies, sunglasses, fedoras and backpacks. With their creative collection, Dope Couture not only gave light on providing stylish products, but also items that would highlight their artistic designs.

Aside from side by side event endorsements, the label has also been featured in Status Magazine, 24 Karat Magazine and Myit Things Magazine. Since the company is new to the fashion industry, endorsements have only been done by the crew itself as well as their friends and family.

The collection can be found in more than 10 local stores including East 4th Street Skateboard Shop, Getta Clue, Union La, Verse Oakland in California, Anchoritz in Alaska, Dope Couture and Got Sole Boutique in Indiana, Premium Goods BK in New York, Motivation Boutique in Michigan, Premium Goods and RMX in Texas and in Hawaii, Sindication Island Underground. International stores such as Cloudy Daze and Rumors in Canada, Super Fresh in Saudi Arabia, Thread and Butter in Queensland, Australia also hold Dope Couture’s collection. Online, the label can be bought from Karmaloop, Kush’d Out, Vice Wears and Tomorrows Kings.

While most rookies struggle to keep people interested in their clothing lines, Dope Couture certainly did their research to success. To keep things real, the company sure is taking things slow but it won’t be a surprise to see the brand gain much more recognition in the neat future. Their stylish and comfortable clothes prove that having fashion and quality all in one is possible. With this in mind, and a company as thoughtful and smart as Dope Couture, this clothing line will be moving fast into success.

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