Drake sees the back of Diddy’s hand real quick!

We always knew that drake and his antics would piss someone off royally. Now that we have the ultimate proof that Diddy and Cassie are two people you basically stay away from unless you are serving them truffles off a tray. With Trey Songz being responsible for dead women elsewhere, Drake went to the hospital for a broken shoulder supposedly.

Ha! you gotta love it.
Ha! you gotta love it.

For now we will have you howling with laughter at what we call the sojones theatre of laughs. Since we have hip hop guys who want to beef with even richer people. According to the palo alto daily:

Drake was hospitalized after he got into a fight with Sean “Diddy” Combs outside a Miami nightclub, The new york post reported. The fight startred early yesterday at the Fountaineblue Hotel’s Liv. Combs was seen making a “beeline” toward a car, a witness said. Drake then got out of his SUV and there was a scuffle before Drake got hurt.

Another source said the rappers were arguing over the rights to a song, saying Combs claimed that Drake was usingmusic without the proper rights.

Were you at the event sojones reader? We would love to see some videos rolling in because we could not believe we were reading this ourselves. Rumor has it that the song “0 to 100” was the song that Diddy pictured himself doing the money dance over. Thing is, Drake is clearly a talented rapper who loves to run it like ‘run forest’. Now with J. Cole rapping about white america and their evils, is hip hop being the proud father that beats the daughters and rewards the business minds?

we know Chris wants a piece of the action. #takethat
we know Chris wants a piece of the action. #takethat


But really, who knows who really sticks together in hip hop and who is just hollywood. With some people just having a hard time finding a pot to piss in, we have to consider that this is all really childish when it’s over a song or a lady. Now we know also that Drake is doing it big in toronto, with Drake being the ambassador to the Toronto Raptors. Maybe he was still healing up in the hospital to hang out with Jay-Z and go see the royal family?

Hopefully we can get the real scoop right here on what happened. The new album by Drake should be out 2015. Now with ladies being the main ticket holders, we wonder how many women are shared between three main guys in R&B: Drake, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz. Maybe you guys can share the love with more reality tv stars that make it out of the bathtub.

ha! Kim loves it long.

Now with so many people at the house drinking and hollering, i guess sojones has some dirty laundry elsewhere to air off. Check back with us next time if you want to follow celeb news with the best opinion out there! We might even have an exclusive interview coming up, so be sure to check with us next week because there might be a comment thread on this article that gets you fired up!


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