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Dr Jays first store.
Dr Jays first store.

DrJays Clothing Store

DrJays is a pioneer and major influence for the Urban and Hip-Hop Clothing industry. Opening it’s first store in The Bronx, New York in 1975, DrJays has since expanded its operations to all boroughs of New York City and New Jersey. While we don’t think DrJays original plans were for Hip-Hop fashion being so early, the first store opened in the same community Hip-Hop music originated, causing the change.

With the change of times, as any smart business would do, DrJays kept up to maintain its success. The founder of the company (name unknown) decided to take a risk and cater to the changing uptown New York styles by following the trends of the popularizing underground culture. The decision he made would prove to be great as the Underground culture formed into Hip-Hop, possibly the most influential form of artistry worldwide today.

A source for the latest urban clothing styles and street wear, Drjays has remained successful for over 25 years. The Hip-Hop clothing store evolved into a chain of stores with over 19 locations today. Many are not even aware the DrJays store brand owns stores that operates under 4 different names; DrJays and DrJays Ladies, X-Press, Brooklyn USA, and Harlem NYC.

While stores have tried to duplicate the success, operating off variations of the name “DrJays”, every consumer should know the locations of the real DrJays by viewing the DrJay’s Locations page Locations.


Against popular thought, DrJays NYC store owner(s) and the DrJays.com owners are two different business groups. DrJays physical store owners are a group of older businessmen who overlooked the value of the internet in the 1990s, and sold rights to use the store’s name to a young entrepreneur and his friend.

Since the licensing of these rights, Drjays on-line has become the top source for urban and Hip-Hop clothing on-line by far. Celebrity athletes, musicians, dancers, sneaker collectors, and designers have all used the site as a source to buy Hip-Hop gear on demand.

DrJays' Website.
DrJays' Website.

Since it’s launch, DrJays.com has become a multi-million dollar e-business. The Hip-hop trends e-store has generated revenues well beyond it’s competitors, large and small. Briefly put, the store owners gave the idealists a very lucrative career by brushing off their early visions of having a DrJays web site.

DrJays.com has also been rated one of the best on-line urban clothing shops because of the commitment to fast delivery, good customer service, and of course promotional codes and discount coupons. Visit Hip-Hop Clothing Site SoJones.com On-Line Stores page to get the latest DrJays promotional codes.

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